You Have A Beautiful Future Waiting For You

What you do in meditation creates energy, creates realities that can then manifest in the physical world.  It’s the old mystical adage that thoughts become things, that physical reality is actually frozen thought.  Quantum physics has demonstrated repeatedly that physical matter is actually energy, that it vibrates at a frequency where it appears to be solid, but it’s not, it’s energy.  When you meditate, when you go beyond time and space and use your imagination to create experiences, to create energy, to create thought, those experiences, energies, thoughts can then manifest in your physical world.

Therefore, the work you do with your most powerful and positive Future Self in meditation, the help that they give you – the love, the healing, the clarity, the guidance – can all manifest in your physical world. There really are no limits to what their love and support can do for you.

–Excerpted from free online video class, “Your Future Self: A Guided Meditation to Meet Your Most Powerful and Positive Future Self”


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I am a life coach and personal growth teacher with a Master of Transpersonal Psychology and a Master of Business Administration.

My greatest joy is helping people live a magical life, a life rich in spirituality, filled with love, success, fulfillment, and miracles. My approach is to focus on personal growth in service of spirituality – a person’s very personal relationship with the Divine, however they refer to the Divine. For some, the Divine is an all-loving singular expression of consciousness, while for others it’s their experience in nature when they feel connected to something much bigger than themselves. The Divine can be a state of mind and being for some, or their relationship with their Higher Self. Or it can even be all of the above or none of the above. Again, it’s very personal. I just always encourage people to find the spiritual path that brings them the most hope and joy, without causing harm to anyone.

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