Working Moms and Stress Tips

For a working mom, their “work” day never really ends. They may go to work from 9-5 and come home, but they come home to more work. They have a family to feed and take care of and a house to keep in order. They never really have a chance to leave their work stress at the door when they come home to their family.

Since they’re constantly on the go, they find it hard to balance their work life with their family life. When the line between work and home can’t be seen, stress from one has free reign to the other. They start to realize that they don’t know if they’re coming or going anymore.

There are two types of working moms. Those that work outside of the home and those who work inside their home. Those that work outside the home tend to have more socializing opportunities, but they have less time for meeting the needs of their family.

The moms who work from their home tend to have more flexibility with their time, but they face long hours of isolation or having only children for company. They desire some adult conversation to keep them sane. Here are some tips to both types of working moms reduce stress, so they can get their life back:

Exercise- Exercise is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. It can be a good stress reliever. Try to work in some time into your work week for exercise. It helps to raise your heart rate which promotes good blood circulation and makes you feel good. It can also give you some alone time or time with a friend to chat about adult topics instead of things that interest children.

Recruit others for help-Utilize your friends and family to help you out. They can help you with babysitting, cleaning, organizing, painting or whatever you need. The extra hands can enable you to go out, get the house cleaned, or even just to take a much needed nap. The person, who said that it takes a village to raise a child, knew what they were talking about. Use others to your advantage. Get your children involved as well, in activities like cleaning to take some of the load off you.

Hire out for certain jobs. In some cases, your friends and family aren’t able to help you, so don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you out. It’s better to fork over a little money to a maid service or a babysitter than to drive yourself crazy with the added stress. The costs will be low, since you’ll use these services once in awhile versus all the time.

Establish work times-If you work outside of the home, then make sure your work doesn’t come with you to stay. If you’re off at 5, then stop your working gears and start your family gears until it’s time to go back to work. If you work at home, be sure to set your work times and stick to them. During work hours, your mind should be on work. Afterwards, your mind should be with your family.

Working part time- If the stress of working full time becomes too much for you to handle with the family life then consider cutting back to part time. Check your family’s budget and see if cuts can be made to allow you to cut your working hours. The stress of working too many hours while juggling home life isn’t worth your sanity if you can’t get extra help.

Working moms bring added income to the family, which is nice, but stress can make it seem not worth your time. Learning to reduce stress can help you keep your family life and work life in sync. A good balance of both in your life can make for a happier you.

Being a working mom can be extremely rewarding, but it’s challenging. Get the help you need with Real Life Guidance to Balancing Work and Family It’s your practical guide to tracking your time, setting priorities, learning to say no and achieving that balance you strive for.

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