Why Content Is King to the Search Engines (And Your Visitors)

You’ve probably heard that content is king, or queen, online and without it a website cannot survive. It’s true. Content is the key to your success. To understand why content is crucial to the success of any website it makes sense to first consider your own behavior when you go online.

Analyzing Your Internet Behavior to Understand

When you hop online to search for information, what do you do?  Chances are you:

Enter keywords or a phrase into your search engine of choice.

Review the first page results

If the first page doesn’t meet your needs you might:

            Go to the second and maybe even the third page of results

            Or you’ll refine your keywords to get better results

Once you’ve found a list of websites that looks like it will provide the information you’re looking for, then you will click on a few websites to review…their content.

Content’s Role in the Process

Now if you go back and review that process you’ll notice two key things.

  1. Your keywords determine your results
  2. The content on the site is what you’re ultimately seeking.

That means two very important things for a business owner. It means that the content you have on your website must appeal to both the search engines and your visitors or prospects. This is essentially why content is king.

The Search Engine Side of the Content Equation

Search engines use the content on your website to index your pages. If a page on your website is devoted to chocolate chip cookies then the search engines are going to look at those keywords, chocolate chip cookies, and categorize your web page accordingly.

Now if the rest of your website is devoted to home decorating then the chocolate chip cookies page isn’t going to get much attention. However, if the rest of your website is devoted to chocolate, cookies, or chocolate chip cookies then the web page will get noticed and indexed higher in the rankings when someone searches using those keywords. This means the more content you have that’s devoted to the same or a similar topic, the better your search engine results are. As already demonstrated by your own online searching behavior, chances are if your website isn’t on the first three pages of results then your traffic is going to be lower. That’s okay, as long as you have an action plan to improve your search engine ranking.

The Visitor Side of the Content Equation

When someone visits your website they’re looking for one thing, content. Now the content can inform, it can entertain, it can stir up a controversy or any number of goals and objectives. However, one thing remains constant; it’s content that they’re looking for.

This provides you with an opportunity. Create content that meets your visitors needs and they’ll:

  • Come back to your website again and again
  • Refer your website to others
  • Link to your website (which by the way improves your search engine ranking)
  • Talk about your website on social networking sites
  • Buy from your website, click on PPC ads and affiliate links.

Yes, content is king because it helps people find your site and it brings them back again and again. It’s an unbreakable circle of benefits. Create great content often and your website is sure to grow.

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