When You’re Looking For Love & Get This Instead

Alright ladies this one is for you if you’re single and in the dating scene!

I’ve been single for a long time. I’ve tried online dating a gazillion times. I do it for awhile, get tired of it so put my profile into ‘inactive’ mode and then go active again a little while later.

Things are no different this time around. After being inactive on a particular site for awhile, I decided to go active again. Frustrating scrolling through the hundreds of “fish” in the pond only to see many of the same faces that were there previously. But that comes with the territory of living in a small Northern Michigan area.

But what’s even more frustrating this time around is I’m tired of all the vulgar messages and nasty pics. C’mon guys!

I wrote all about it here:

When You’re Looking For Love & Get D*ck Pics Instead

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