Tips For Networking In Online Groups

Membership groups come in all shapes and sizes.  One group I joined recently is still quite small, fewer than 20 members.  Just about everyone has shown themselves interested in the topic by joining in conversation.  Another group I’m part of has many hundreds of members, yet online discussions are minimal.

It seems a shame to me when someone joins a membership group and never enters into the conversation.

I’ve written a post with lots of ideas for getting more active:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Complete Your Member Profile
  • Ask a Specific Question Regarding A Real Situation
  • Share a New Project In Progress
  • Ask for Critique
  • Ask for Recommendations
  • Use Good English & Neat Formatting
  • Give Something Away Or Offer A Significant Discount
  • Visit Member Sites & Comment
  • Offer to Guest Post/Ask for Guest Posts
  • Comment on Resources/Request Specific Topics
  • Celebrate New Achievements
  • Ask For Help Crushing Obstacles
  • Thank The Leader(s)

Get all the tips here!


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