Think Your Way Thin

How you think about things that happen to you in life can affect your reactions to any situation in a big way. For instance if you think it’s okay to eat whatever you want during your yearly vacation, then you will (and you’ll probably regret it). But, if instead you think that you want to feel good while you’re on your vacation you’ll continue making good choices by sticking to the natural weight loss techniques that you’ve learned.

If you have a bad scale day, you might think that you might as well keep eating what you want to, because the scale didn’t budge.

Instead,  if you look at the number on the scale and see it as a challenge to improve your diet even more, to get more serious about natural weight loss, you will change your reaction to one of positivity instead of negativity. If you start thinking about things differently you’ll see a whole new attitude that helps you succeed in your natural weight loss endeavors.

The self talk you give yourself should say that when you go on vacation it is not license to eat crappy food that is dangerous for you to eat. It’s really  never okay to eat chemicals.

No we’re not all perfect, we never will be, but if the reasons why we are avoiding natural weight loss techniques is realized we might be able to curb the behavior. Whether on vacation, or at home, eating fake, processed, addictive foods are still harmful. Just like an alcoholic cannot drink margaritas on vacation, you have to convince yourself that you cannot eat chemically laden foods on vacation either. Why would you want to anyway? Why not go on vacation and eat the very best quality food that your money can buy? You’ll have more energy on vacation for the other fun activities to do on vacation. Eating is a great pleasure, why not eat the most healthy, well made, organic and delightful foods there are?

A great natural weight loss technique to avoid feeling down is to change how you see any situation.

If the scale is showing a gain or no loss even if you’ve been following your plan, consider that if you’re exercising you may be building muscle. Try just staying off the scale longer, as long as you’re really being honest with yourself and sticking to your plan, to see if you don’t drop weight in about a month. If you still don’t lose and you’re being honest with yourself about your eating, and you truly are following the natural weight loss techniques you’ve learned, then you might want to see a doctor instead of loading up on junk food that definitely won’t make matters better. Turn your thinking around to doing actions that make you feel better, not destructive actions that make matters worse.

When you have a bad moment, instead of continuing on that path, switch things up by using your visualization technique to get back on track.

Visualize how you will look and feel at the end of your vacation if you keep eating healthy. In all the ways of weight loss, eating naturally is the most simple method there is, yet it does take some self talk to stick to it due to the addictive qualities of fake food. Talk positively to yourself by telling yourself that you can and will succeed at natural weight loss, because you are succeeding right at this moment by not giving in to negativity or chemically laden, addictive foods. Sometimes reading natural weight loss success stories, or looking at old pictures of yourself might help you with the proper mindset and visualization.

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