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Once upon a time, if you saw me knitting a scarf, I would most certainly have been doing it while teaching a beginner’s knitting class. Why would an experienced knitter be working on something as simple as a scarf? Just a long rectangle with rows upon rows of repetition. In the last week, I have changed my mind. I am now finding all sorts of reasons why knitting a scarf is a great idea. I am drawn to creating them and seeing what happens! Here’s some of the reasons why scarf knitting has re-inspired me.

1. Scarf knitting doesn’t take much yarn.

This is of course, subject to the scarf you are making, but most scarves can be made up with a skein or two of yarn. That way, you can take advantage of the “last ball” sales at your LYS or use up the extra bits from larger projects. A scarf is also a way to make a luxurious item with an expensive yarn and not spend a ton of money.

2. Scarf knitting uses up those single skeins of gorgeous silk yarn you just “had to have” at your last trip to the yarn shop.

If you look back to my Christmas Yarn Shopping post, you’ll see I purchased several skeins of yarn that are perfect for scarf knitting. And, in fact, the local Abingdon wool and the sari silk were purchased specifically for making a scarf. And, I purchased a couple of skeins of yarn yesterday for the purpose of making a scarf – $25 a piece skeins…..

3. Scarves can be knit quickly.

Again, this is subject to your design, but you can quite quickly knit up a gorgeous scarf on big needles and be ready to wear it by the weekend. It makes you feel good to have a project that is fun to knit yet goes quickly. Often with larger projects, your knitting ADD sneaks in and by the time you’ve run out of interest, you’re far from running out of pattern.

4. Scarves are very stylish.

Of course, anything warm is stylish when it’s 17 degrees outside like it is here today. I can’t say this is the inspiration for my post, but it is certainly a contributing factor.

5. Scarves are a fabulous way to play with a yarn or a stitch pattern before you commit to a larger project.

Kinda like going on a date before you get married. ‘Nuff said.

6. Scarves are a good project for stretching your knitting muscles – try a new technique, a new yarn, or a new style of knitting.

I got Barbara Walker’s Treasury for Christmas, and all those beautiful stitch patterns are calling to me from the pages. I can see many of them in larger or more complex projects, but what a wonderful swatch you can make with a scarf…and far more functional, too. I can see a scarf as a great project to learn to knit continental style or seeing how you like a new yarn that you want to make a sweater from.

7. Scarves make great gifts.

Even if, after all the above reasons, you don’t like your scarf, chances are, someone else will. Give it away. I always believe that there is someone who needs a little handmade love.

8. Scarves are great charity knitting.

Don’t know someone personally who would love your handiwork? Donate it! Or, if you knit a lot from odd balls and leftovers that don’t appeal to your color senses, these are great to give to local charities!

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