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Do you hate the word ‘marketing’? Does it make you shiver or dance away from the keyboard? Is the first thought in your head a pushy car salesperson or those perfume spritzing stalkers in a department store?

Well, it’s time to hit RESET and clear those old thoughts out. You need to get a more positive mindset about marketing. And it doesn’t matter if you are a new solopreneur, a local retail business, a busy mom-preneur or a nonprofit like my library clients – you can and MUST get a positive marketing mindset. The same tips and tricks will work for a reset for all of you!

Marketing is a process, not an event. – Jay Conrad Levinson

This post gives 7 ways that can banish the blahs and get you feeling positive and purposeful in YOUR communication efforts. Once you have a true, positive marketing mindset in your toolkit you’ll see improvements in your visibility, connection to customers, and business success. Get your marketing mindset reset now.

About Jennifer Burke

A marketing soothsayer, storyteller and strategic communications consultant for libraries and info pros. Speaking both 'library lingo' and 'marketing-ese', she helps clients put strategy first and stop the tactics carousel for smarter marketing and fewer headaches.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I can’t wait to implement them!
    Chele Neisler recently posted..#9 – Free Yourself From Self-Limiting BeliefsMy Profile

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! Lots of great info here. “Marketing is storytelling” and relationship building. Thanks for a great article that’s helpful in lots of markets.

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