The One Thing You Can’t Outsource in Your Business

I love outsourcing! That’s no secret. I love doing work for others and I love outsourcing the work in my own online business that makes my head hurt just looking at it. Outsourcing is great for both you and the person doing the work, you get more done, and they get a paycheck, by all definitions outsourcing is a win-win scenario.

One of the things I always hear from people is that they were unhappy with what they outsourced, and I’d say about 90 percent of the time that thing was some form of content creation, writing an article, posting on a blog, making a video, etc. Then I look at what they received and I say, “But, this is really good. Why are you unhappy with it?” And of course, they have no idea, they’re just not happy with it, something is missing.

Do you know what that something is? It’s their passion. They’re so used to creating content and writing in their own voice that they expected the passion to come through in the ghost writer’s work. That’s not going to happen unless your ghost writer is just as passionate as you about the topic, but that doesn’t make the content any less valuable to you. Sometimes you have to let go of that attachment just a little tiny bit.

Don’t worry, there’s good news. I’m not all gloom and doom here, after all I love outsourcing! The good news is that when you find someone to do the content creation that you’re comfortable working with and that can work for you on a regular basis you’re going to develop a relationship with them and they are going to pick up your tone and your passion!

Ask them to read some of your previous writing or watch some of your previous videos so that they can get an idea of your perspective, the words you use, the overall tone you convey. These tiny little details will make a huge difference in what you get back. Of course, don’t expect them to read your life’s work in one sitting, but just two or three pieces of content so that they can match up their writing to your writing.

Communication is what this is really all about. Having an open line of communication with your virtual assistant, ghost writer, content creator, and anyone else who is doing work for you is the best thing you can do during your outsourcing efforts. Talk about the project, let them know your expectations, and include any special requests right at the very beginning of the project together.

I hope that makes sense. I’d love to hear some of your outsourcing stories and questions. To learn more about outsourcing head on over to where we talk about all the different aspects of the work at home lifestyle.

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