Telling The Truth About Surrogacy


When you cover a topic that people have lots of opinion on, you’re going to tread on toes once in awhile – and I’m comfortable with that.

I have to be if I want to serve my community well!

I’ve always worked to be real, but I know I’ve occasionally ‘sugar coated’ the truth.  Well, no more.

As mentioned in this post where I give everyone fair warning…

My loyalty is to you, my readers, and my goal is to bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Consider this your fair warning: it’s about to get real in here.  I’m rocking the boat. Get your rotten veggies ready to throw. It might just end up hitting the fan.

I don’t think I’ll make too many people mad enough to throw rotten tomatoes, but I’m willing to risk it anyways.

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