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Thanksgiving is coming up in America and Canada. I think of it as a time for reflection. I’ve made a concerted effort to bring more balance into my life and work. So now it’s time to give myself a report card to see how I really did.

How about you? What’s important in your life? Ready to find out? Here’s a little exercise I’m taking with me as a conversation starter over turkey dinner this Thursday.

As Stephen Covey says, clarify what is most important in your life. Decide what is most worthwhile to you. Knowing what is most valuable to you gives you direction in life. Rank each in order from 1-10 (1 being least important and 10 being most important).

– Career
– Health
– Home
– Family
– Spirituality
– Finances
– Leisure
– Learning
– Creativity
– Communication

This should give you a fair assessment of what your priorities are and where you want to be. Now what are you most grateful for? Make a list of 10 things and write them down. Finally don’t forget how far you’ve come. Make a list of 10 of your proudest accomplishments for this year.

Remember, we all have the same 24 hours. Some of us feel as though we have no time at all. While others manage to get their work done and still have enough time left over to enjoy themselves. Me? I’m a work in progress. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I don’t. But I’m always trying, doing the best I can. Happy Thanksgiving!

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