Teen Self Esteem: How Parents Can Help

How many teenagers do you meet that really have a strong sense of self esteem? Not many if you tell the truth. It’s a treat to find a fifteen year old who knows and likes who they are.

Healthy teen self esteem is first nurtured at home. A secure home life, supportive parents and a reliable extended family provide the launching point that allows children to thrive. From there it’s a safe school environment and positive peer relationships that further affirm their feelings of being valuable to others.

If a teens home life offers more negative feedback than positive nurturing, it is nearly impossible for that child to come through puberty feeling good about themselves.

Teenagers who don’t have a strong sense of personal value from their parents are left viewing themselves through the critical eyes of their peers. And what they see there is often disappointing.

Making embarrassing mistakes, feeling clumsy, going through puppy love heart break or not doing everything right the first time you try is all part of being a teenager. But a teen with low self esteem takes every stumble personally and internalizes the failure as being part of who they are.

This is why it is so important to help our kids survive their mistakes and deal with disappointments from an early age. Positive teen self esteem is crutial. The best way to improve your teen’s self-esteem is to take a very active role in your teen’s life. Just by knowing your teen’s interests, friends, strengths, and weaknesses, you will be aware of any problems that may arise.

If you have a teenager who is struggling with low self esteem, you have to take every opportunity that presents itself to remind them that they are valuable to you and to others. Provide them with opportunities to be with people who will build them up and encourage them.

Aurelia Williams is the host of Parenting My Teen Podcast and is also the owner of Real Life Solutions, a free resource site for moms.

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