Smart Women Unplug So They Can Recharge

Over Memorial Day weekend, I unplugged completely from the online world and left the office behind. Even though I work out of my home, I made a conscious decision not to enter the office or think about anything having to do with business. I do this periodically because I know the dangers of staying “on” all the time can cause burnout, loss of motivation and derail creative thinking.

Here’s the interesting thing that happened as a result: I got some great new ideas for my business and I came back to the office on Tuesday morning excited, ready and recharged. Rarely do I get my best ideas when I’m sitting in my office. I know this can seem counterintuitive to many of you reading this article – especially if you’re in a place where you need to attract more clients and create more income. You keep sitting there staring at your laptop hoping for some miracle to pop out of your screen – right? I know all about this feeling. I’ve been there before.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, my advice is to get out of the office, leave your business behind and enjoy some down time. It can boost your mental outlook and get those creative juices flowing. In case you’ve been chained to the desk lately and can’t quite figure out what to do once you leave the office, here are a few smart solutions to help you unplug so you can recharge:

1. Grab some fresh air – Grab some water and take a walk in nature. For me, there’s nothing quite like a brisk walk where I can breathe in the smell of flowers, trees and ocean breeze.

2. Read a juicy novel – I enjoy reading books that have nothing to do with business. Losing myself in the plot of a well-written book is a wonderful way to take your mind off everything. For a list of my favorite summer reads, you can go to my blog where I have them listed.

3. Sleep in – Many entrepreneurial women I work with don’t get enough sleep. You need at least 8 hours of sleep each night to recharge your battery – both mentally and physically. Entrepreneurs work at a different pace than most other people. We are creative and our minds work overtime. That means we need a lot of rest.

4. Play – Yes, just like the kids. I love going to the park and swinging on the swing set. My kids love it when I do this with them and they think (of course) I do it for them. It’s very therapeutic for me too!

5. Watch a romantic comedy – Megan Ryan and Tom Hanks. Need I say more?

6. Hit the spa – Schedule a massage, facial or a mani-pedi. It feels good to be pampered and assists in helping you relax if you’ve been under some stress or on tight deadlines.

7. Read newsworthy articles – Bet you didn’t think this would be on the list! I’m finding these days many entrepreneurs are not staying on top of current events in their industry. It’s essential that you regularly look at what’s going on, what’s trending and how these trends are affecting your business and better yet, how you can create a product or service that meets the trend. I purposefully don’t read the negative parts of the newspaper but I do stay keyed into the business section and women’s issues. You can now customize your news by using sites like or They deliver timely articles on specific topics or industries.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or maybe you’ve just launched a big idea and it’s time for a rest, these seven smart solutions are guaranteed to give you a restful timeout and leave you feeling open to new possibilities for your business and your life.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


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