Smart Women Survive Summer Break

Women entrepreneurs everywhere are experiencing the same dilemma and asking themselves the same question: “How do I manage my business while navigating the kids during summer break?”

You’ve just spent the last 9 months with a structured number of days and hours to work on your business and overnight, the day after school is out, your schedule becomes a moving target! With camps, friends, swimming pool and Wii time, it’s essential to do some creative planning so you can stay sane this summer.

It’s a real gift to have your children home, especially during the summer months when the weather is perfect for outdoor activity. At the same time, if you’re running a growing business, you need to keep your eye on the goal and not lose the momentum you’ve worked hard to achieve.

I’ve tried every combination you can imagine over the past few years and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that work for me (and the kids are happy too)! Before you dive into summer, take a few minutes to read these quick tips that will make your days more enjoyable:

1. Identify Your Tribe – Find other moms who are eager to share carpool, schedule play dates and genuinely want to help you maintain your sanity as well as theirs! I have a core group of women that I count on to step in and help me when I need it. We look at our calendars at the beginning of the summer, see what camps we have in common and set up our carpool ahead of time.
2. Be the Support System – When I’m not working, my house is “kid central.” I encourage kids to hang out at our house. We go to the park, grab some ice cream and do fun things together. This goes a long way to ensure that when I need support, the moms of those children are ready and willing to help me out – especially when I’m on a deadline or in a bind.
3. Carve Out Dedicated Family Time – Because the lines between kids and work get blurred even more during the summer, it’s essential that you carve out time that’s focused only on family. You’ll forge stronger bonds and feel more confident about your role as a mom and woman entrepreneur.
4. Create Time for Self-care – Make a commitment to plenty of self-care during the summer months. It’s essential to you and your family that you get an ample amount of downtime and solitude. I have one entire week that I spend alone during the summer months while my husband takes the kids on vacation with his parents. It’s a time of renewal for me. It’s also the time I spend reviewing my business goals and making decisions for the upcoming year.

Yesterday, as I was driving down Sunset Boulevard, my son and three of his friends had all the windows down while singing Maroon 5’s “Pay Phone” at the top of their lungs. I laughed to myself and thought, “Yes, school is out and summer has arrived.”

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


© 2012 Joy Chudacoff

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