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If you love to make crafts, you might already be selling your creations at local markets and to friends. But have you thought about taking your craft business online? Doing so can give you more exposure, greater visibility, and bring in a lot more sales. Local shoppers will visit to learn more about you. You can also sell your crafts to people all across the country. 

Here are some ideas for selling your crafts online. 

To sell your crafts online, you will first of all need a website. Your website is your business card on the World Wide Web. It is also a place for you to show off your creations. You will need to include order information, your prices, and contact information so interested buyers can easily find you to ask their questions. 

Good photos of your products will help you sell your products online. Take pictures of your products from different angles. You will need to optimize them so they load quickly on your visitors’ computers. You wouldn’t want a potential customer to leave without buying just because your images took too long to display! 

You should also write good descriptions of your creations. Tell what they’re made of and describe how they look, feel and smell. This will help make your craft appealing to your visitors, even though they can’t pick them up and hold them. Be sure to include prices and shipping information too. 

On your website, you should also add some information about you. People like to know who they’re buying from. You can add a photo of yourself, maybe sitting in your craft studio or with your newest creation. It adds a personal touch to your website and helps your visitors to trust you. 

Now that you have your website, it’s time to start promoting it. One of the easiest places to promote your new website is in online directories. Submit your website to as many craft and general directories as possible. Some will be free, but the higher quality ones will charge a fee. 

Participate in forums and include your website URL in your forum signature. When you participate in a forum, be sure you’re adding quality information to the conversation. If you’re just there to post your links, everyone else will pick up on that and they will ignore you. Instead, engage with the other members and over time they will likely click through to your website to learn more about you. 

You can also promote your craft website by writing online press releases and articles. Submit them to the article and press release directories. They can bring you more traffic and help your new website show up better in the search engine results pages.

Social media sites are wonderful places to promote your craft business. Just like in forums, you will need to build relationships with the people you connect with in social media. You can also post links to your sales and new products. 

Selling your crafts online can open up many opportunities for you and your craft business. You can go from being a small local crafter to someone who has customers all over the country, or around the world. Once you have your craft website and start promoting it regularly, you will be ready to take your craft business wherever you want to go.

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