Romantic Picnic Ideas

Put the Romance Back Into Your Picnic
Picnics are not only a great way for families to spend quality time. Couples find that a picnic meal made for two can be quite romantic. Here are some ideas for spending a few hours with that special someone in your life.

A romantic picnic outing is all about atmosphere. The right location can signal to your loved one exactly how you are feeling. If you are blessed enough to live near water, the evening sunset from the beach or a pier can set the mood. For urban locations, the setting sun against the skyscrapers is also a wonderful sight.

The setting for your romantic rendezvous doesn’t have to be a place that you can only reach by car. The comfort of your own backyard can be intimate and inviting. On a warm spring night, lighting tiki torches around the back patio or stringing white lights around the patio umbrella gives your home the feel of a foreign atmosphere. They can take you from the suburbs to somewhere exotic in little time at all.

Nothing says romance like a bottle of bubbly. Another benefit of a backyard romantic picnic is that you don’t have to worry about driving home after consuming all of that champagne. Let the champagne or wine chill in an ice bucket. Cover the table with a lacy tablecloth for an elegant meal together.

This is supposed to be a romantic occasion so do away with the plastic cups and other disposable items. Use real plates, silverware, napkins, and champagne flutes. Set up a CD player or mp3 player with speakers to drown the evening in sweet music. Candles lining the table are a classic romantic touch.

Depending on the time of year, choose the food accordingly. In the spring or summer, a cold meal can beat the heat. Select chocolate covered strawberries that have been well chilled to complement the champagne. Cheese and crackers are light and easy to fix. A seafood or chicken salad on a bed of romaine lettuce works on a warm evening.

When evenings are cooler in the fall and winter months, prepare a warm seafood bisque or chowder to warm you up. Serve with warm toast points or oyster crackers. A creamy dessert, preferably warm, can make a well rounded meal.

You may opt for something other than champagne when the weather turns cold. Enjoy your dessert with an Irish coffee or an after dinner cognac to warm you up. Use your imagination. If you can pack it, you can enjoy it at a picnic.

Romance comes in many forms-even a picnic basket. Surprise your significant other with a few hours away from it all in dreamy bliss. A picnic may be just what they need.

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