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I’ve come to love my microwave in more ways than ever.  We have three boys who are growing so quickly and always on the go with sports, school and playing in general.  They are always hungry and I have definitely found that starting them off with protein rich and fiber rich breakfasts keep them going longer than boxed cereals.  In addition, I do dental hygiene on a per diem basis.  I might be trying to get out the door in a very short amount of time and I want to be able to eat a quick breakfast that will also fill me up.

I’ve come up with a variety of breakfast recipes that utilize the microwave which significantly speeds up the cooking process without sacrificing flavor.  These quick, microwave breakfasts will also save you money if you don’t have to swing by the local fast-food window on the way to work!

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

First, put toast or English muffin into toaster and get that toasting.   Second, get egg, slice of cheese and two slices of pre-cooked bacon out of fridge (you can also substitute those precooked sandwich style sausage patties).  Grab cooking spray and large coffee mug and small bowl to beat egg.  Put the bacon into microwave while you prep the egg (probably takes 30 seconds or so).  Break egg into bowl and beat with a bit of water.  Generously spray inside of mug with cooking spray and pour beaten egg/water into it.  Bacon should be just about done.  Pull the bacon out, put the mug of egg in and cook on high for one minute (might take another 10-30 seconds depending on your microwave).  While the egg cooks, take out the toast/English muffin and place cooked bacon on it, and then the slice of cheese.  When the egg is done, use a fork to slide it out of the mug and out onto the cheese.  You can fan the egg out by slicing it through the middle.  Top with the other slice of toast or English muffin and voila, bacon/egg/cheese sandwich in less than five minutes!

You can also prepare several of these at one time, wrap each in plastic wrap and then refrigerate.  In the morning, you can grab one out of the fridge, remove the wrap and microwave on a plate for about 30-60 seconds for an even quicker breakfast!


You’ll be using the same cooking technique for cooking the egg but this allows you to add fillings and still make it quick!  I use a glass bread pan to make my omelets.  First, get 2 eggs and various fillings out for your omelet.  Some ideas for your omelet:
-diced vegetables like broccoli, onions, peppers, spinach (great way to use up small amounts of leftovers)
-diced cooked meats like ham and turkey
-diced up cheese
-fresh or dried herbs
SAVE TIME EACH MORNING-Have a small supply of pre-cut cheese, vegetables and meats in containers for easy morning prep.

Generously spray your bread pan with non-stick cooking spray.  Beat the two eggs with a tablespoon or so of water.  Pour the beaten eggs into the sprayed bread pan.  Place your fillings throughout the egg mixture.  Microwave on high for about two minutes, keeping in mind each microwave varies on cook times.  It will puff up a bit.  CAREFULLY REMOVE FROM MICROWAVE-using oven mitts as the bottom of the pan will be hot!  Fold out the omelet onto a plate and enjoy!

You can experiment with making a larger omelet in a 9” square baking dish using 4 eggs and more fillings.  You’ll need to microwave a bit longer as well.  When you use the bread pan, you can easily fold the omelet out onto slices of toast for an omelet sandwich!


I love oatmeal.  I love quick oatmeal but not those pricey, little instant bags of oatmeal.  I love old fashioned type oatmeal that is QUICK!  It can be quick if you use the microwave!

I use a rough ratio of 1:2.5 to make my oatmeal.  ¼ cup of old fashioned rolled oats to 2/3 cup of water.  Vary the liquid to your preference to how you like your oatmeal.  I will also add a bit more water when I add dried fruit to my oatmeal.  My basic recipe is:
-1/4 cup of old fashioned rolled oats
-2/3 cup water
-few dashes of cinnamon
-tablespoon or so of brown sugar
-some cut up dried apples (I cut them up ahead of time so I can grab them quickly)
-just a pinch of salt

Give it a gentle stir and then microwave on high for two minutes.  Stir it again, judge if it’s the right consistency and add more liquid if desired (a bit of milk is tasty, too).  It’s hot so dig in carefully.  Mmmmm, cold milk and hot oatmeal on a cold New England morning is so nice!

You can speed up the oatmeal preparation by mixing up the roll oats, the cut up dried fruit and the cinnamon together in a container.  You’ll just have to reach in and scoop out the desired amount of the mix.  I don’t add the sugar and salt because they tend to not cling too much and end up in the bottom of the container.

Let your microwave help you provide great tasting, fast, easy, filling and inexpensive breakfast options for you and your family.  Enjoy!

Tammy Paquin is a work from home mom of 3 boys and the publisher of Frugal-Families.com, an online resource for everyone interested in frugality, budgeting and stretching every dollar. Here is another article with time saving meal tips http://www.frugal-families.com/tips-on-how-to-speed-up-work-week-meals.htm

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