Natural Weight Loss By Visualization

We have long known that using visualization to reach a goal works.

It’s been shown to work in sports with basketball players and tennis players visualizing their successful plays, over and over again, even when they cannot actually practice the moves, the act of visualization improves performance. Repeated visualization is a powerful method to use when you are trying to reach any goal, including natural weight loss.

Your mind is a very powerful resource in helping you succeed at losing weight naturally.

First of all, if you cannot see in your mind’s eye the new thinner, healthier you, it is unlikely that you will succeed at your goals. Even if you’re given all the natural weight loss techniques known to man if you can’t see it, it won’t happen. Why? Because you don’t believe it’s possible. Therefore, you must practice visualizing yourself not only looking thinner, being healthier, but also making the right food choices in order to actually accomplish those goals.

Take a few minutes of each day to visualize yourself as the thin, healthy you.

Close your eyes and slowly take yourself from how you are right now, to how you want to be in the future. See yourself making good choices, see a ripe juicy apple, and an apple pie and see yourself happily choosing the apple over the pie. See yourself enjoying each crisp crunch and feeling good, light and healthy. When you visualize yourself eating the natural weight loss way, you will be practicing, in your head.

Each day that you practice visualization you can add to it issues you need to deal with regarding your diet, exercise, or other issues that you need to work on. In order to be successful in losing weight long term, you’ll need to be able to start seeing yourself different than you see yourself today. Once you can visualize the success you want, it will, slowly over time become a reality. Your subconscious mind must accept the vision of you looking thinner and healthier so that your conscious mind can make the right choices to get you to that goal.

Visualization can be used before you leave to attend a social event. Imagine being confronted by the plates of unhealthy food. Then imagine the healthy way you will deal with it. Perhaps you decide to eat before you go, or bring some of your own favorites to add to the other food. Perhaps you’ll concentrate on socializing and talking instead of eating while you’re at the party. Whatever you want to do at the party, see yourself doing it.

When you visualize your future healthier self, be very specific. How does your body look, how do you feel? What type of natural weight loss techniques are you using? The more specific you can be in your daily visualizations the more success you will have in your natural weight loss efforts.

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  1. Debbie McNeely says


    Thank you for making the effort to apply what you learn. Any feedback you can offer on your results will be well received. Or, if any questions come up as you go along, feel free to ask.


  2. I’ve used visualization in my business with great results and I can tell that it works. I don’t know how it works as there are many theories trying to explain that but from my point of view are the results that count. I never though used it for weight loss but I don’t doubt that it can work. Most people ignore that technique when they talk about losing weight and it’s a same. Combine proper food choices, exercise and visualization and you have a holistic approach to natural weight loss.

  3. Debbie McNeely says


    It looks like you’ve really understood the concept. When I lost over 100 pounds many years ago, I visualized every day. When you are heavy, it’s at first hard to conceive of looking different. That can lead to discouragement.

    But by visualizing it becomes more the reality. And then the weight loss starts to come. You are right that proper food choices and exercise are components.

    I consider the visualization a vital part of the process. It’s often overlooked. But can make the difference between success and failure. Just like in business. And really, any area of life.

    I appreciate your insight.

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