My 5 Biggest Mistakes of 2006

As a new year begins, I can’t help but look at how I want to improve my 2007. It’s what all successful entrepreneurs must do – you included! In fact, the more successful you want to BECOME, the more important PLANNING becomes.

So let me pull back the curtain and confess some of the shortcomings Red Hot Copy endured this past year.

1) Not using mentorship opportunities like I should have. I currently have two mentors as well as running my own mentorship programs. I get on my own mentees about not using their benefits enough. But the truth is I was also guilty of not using my mentors to full capacity.

2) Not setting firmer boundaries. I love people who want to learn from me… really I do. So much so that I haven’t been protective enough of my own time. After hiring a pricey consultant to help us set up client intake systems that problem is history in 2007. Having systems in place ensures that I spend more time creating and writing, which is what I’m good at.

3) Not using direct mail sooner. Since I cut my teeth on Internet marketing, my other marketing friends and I would cackle about how Dan Kennedy (and his crew) didn’t use email. “What a dinosaur! And can you believe he relies so heavily on faxes and direct mail? Why not just use carrier pigeons?” We were wrong; Dan was right. Direct mail works.

4) Not having more lead time on live events. Last year I held two “Speed Copywriting Workshops”. Both were phenomenal. But I barely caught my breath from the first one when it came time to promote the second one. I ended up working way too hard instead of spreading the event dates farther apart. This year I’m only having one “Speed Copywriting Workshop” in October.

5) Not scheduling in fun. One of my biggest values is to laugh and have fun. But I realize last year I got so bogged down in “work” I forgot the “play”. Not so in 2007. This year my husband and I are going to swim with the dolphins, ski with the family, and visit Scotland in August. For me personally, I’m going to start taking singing lessons and ride more horses.

So those are the areas I want to flip in my life for next year. How about you?
Have you examined YOUR business life yet?

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