Melt The Belly Fat

If you have excess belly fat it’s more than just being overweight that is an issue. Having excess belly fat is dangerous. People with extra belly fat are more likely to have diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of other illnesses. It is imperative that you melt the belly fat and get healthy now. Don’t wait, the younger you are when you do it the better and easier it will be. Here are some steps to take to melt the belly fat.

Get a Physical — Ask your physician to check your thyroid levels, especially your T3 and T4 levels to ensure that you don’t have a thyroid deficiency. Seek out a specialist who understands how thyroid levels are related to belly fat, fatigue and a whole host of other symptoms.
Exercise — Exercise daily but switch it up. Switching up your exercise routine will encourage you to keep motivated. Try weight bearing exercises alternated with cardio and stretching exercises like Yoga. Don’t forget to work on your core. Strengthening your core is fundamental to losing belly fat. Yoga and Pilates focus on the core and are good for melting belly fat. Also, do fun things like tennis, and swimming. The key is to be active rather than sedentary.
Eat Right — The food you choose should be as close to nature as possible. Eating whole foods that are organic without added hormones is a good step toward the right direction. Start with eliminating all processed foods, and add in whole foods. Eat more often instead of less to keep your blood sugar regulated and avoid severe hunger which can lead to binging on unhealthy foods.
No deprivation — Focus on food substitution rather than deprivation. If you love strawberry shortcake you don’t have to do without many of the flavors. You will be shocked at how good a plain old strawberry tastes after you eliminate sugar and fake sugars from your diet.
Drink Water — Stop drinking soda and other beverages and drink clear filtered water instead. Drink water thirty minutes before and after a meal, rather than with a meal because it will assist in digestion.
Be Mindful — Pay attention to what you are eating and doing. Write down what you plan to eat, what you did eat, and keep track of your exercise. It helps to write down all your goals and plans and the results because it can keep you mindful of reality.

Melting belly fat can be simple if you do all of these things for the long haul. Don’t go on a crash diet and expect healthy long term results. Eating right and exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle that will get results over the long term. Don’t worry so much about the destination, instead, concentrate on the journey to health. Enjoy!

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