Making Small Changes to Your Cross Stitch Pattern Or Cross Stitch Kit For a Big Difference

Sometimes you pick up a cross stitch chart or even a cross stitch kit and even though you love the design you just want to make a few changes to it or give it a bit of your own pizzazz! I don’t think I’ve personally ever stitched anything exactly to the charted key, I always add some little something, whether it’s a floss change, a bit of blending filament, or maybe a few beads here and there for texture just to give it that little extra bit of me.

So, let’s talk about a few things you can do to jazz up that new project to make it a little more your own.

Blending Filaments – These are a sparkly shiny thread that you can purchase to give a bit of shimmer to your project. You can thread it into the needle with your floss and stitch that way, or you can thread the blending filament alone and just stitch over top of the current stitches to add a bit of shine in certain places. This adds a great touch to any piece.

Beads and Charms – You can use seed beads in place of french knots or place a few around the outer edge of a design for a nice depth of texture. Charms can also be bought and added anywhere on a piece for a little bit of added “charm”;-)

Specialty Threads – Silk, Rayon, Metallic, Hand Dyed, there are any number of floss types in addition to your regular standard embroidery floss. Swapping out any standard color in your project and using one of these specialty threads in its place can make a huge difference in your finished project.

Take a minute or two today to look through your crafty stash and see what you can add to that work in progress cross stitch project to make it just a little more you. Get creative, have fun, and most of all enjoy what you’re doing.

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