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How can we combine kids, cooking, and charity?  This was a question that popped into my mind the other morning.  There must be a way to blend these three together in a way that’s good for the kids and good for the charity.  The answer came in a totally unrelated email the next day.  The Ronald McDonald House!  What better way for kids to practice their cooking and organization skills, and build confidence and caring than to provide a meal for an organization like the Ronald McDonald House?

The Ronald McDonald House offers a place for families to stay when their children are going through treatment at a nearby hospital.  Instead of staying at a hotel which can get very expensive, especially if their children are in the hospital for a long time, families can stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  Here they get a big break on the cost of lodging and the chance to have meals without the high price tag of constantly eating out.  They also get companionship and support from other families who are also dealing with medical crises.

Volunteers are encouraged to either cook a meal at home and bring it, or use the Ronald McDonald House kitchen facilities to prepare a meal.  These families who have children in the hospital may not have the time, money, or energy to think about cooking.  What a nice way to say we care!

Each house not only has specific times of the day that they would like meals ready but possibly some different guidelines, so check with your local chapter.   Here is the link to find your closest Ronald McDonald House They also have meal suggestions such as pancakes and bacon for breakfast, sandwiches, soup, or salads for lunch, and ham and potatoes, casseroles, or chili for dinner.  A group of 7-9 people is all that’s needed to fix a meal for 30-45 people, depending on your specific Ronald McDonald House.

With some adult help, kids can do this!  It doesn’t have to be a Girl Scout group or 4H club, just gather your children and their friends.  Or if you prefer, make it a family project.  Let the kids decide what to fix within the guidelines and take them shopping for the food.  Prepare as much as you want ahead of time or cook it at the Ronald McDonald House.

These aren’t gourmet meals, just filling and satisfying food served with love.  All it takes is a little organization and time, and maybe a lot of chopping, but kids love to help others and will never forget this great experience.

Learning to cook can be educational child’s play for your kids, and now they can explore a cooking website that’s all their own. Cookin’ Kids is the place for easy kid-friendly recipes and much more! Parents can visit too for their free Parent Tips.

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