Images on Blogs: How Many or How Few?


Images on Blog Posts: How Many or How Few?

Content may be King, but I am pretty sure images are Queen in today’s online world. It’s no secret that quality text-based images are an excellent idea when business owners want to gain attention and encourage engagement via social media. But there is a method-to-the-madness when including them within blog posts.  So how many images should be used per blog post? Here’s the short answer; at least one, but not too many.

Clear as mud, right? Let me break it down for you:

At the Very Least One

Readers have become very spoiled and expect to see quality images within blog posts these days, specifically images that tell a story and inspires them to want to keep reading. Images can be used at the beginning of the post as an intro of sorts, within the middle of your blog post to as visual proof of an idea, product or concept, and even at the end as a final recap that ties your blog post up in a tidy little bow.

I firmly believe that all bloggers need to include at least one quality image with text per post just to add color and light to the story.

So, how many images do you really need in your post? Find out more…

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