How To Write Great Content In A Snap

Many small business owners launching websites today create and manage their own website content.  There are some tried and true strategies for ensuring that the content you create helps to support your marketing and sales objectives. 

Grab the Attention of Your Target Market 

Once you’ve done the research and have decided to launch a business that will serve a particular market you then need to present on your website content that will attract and engage that market. 

When a visitor lands on your website, you’ve got 3 seconds to let them know that they are in the right spot.  Whatever page they land on within your site should communicate to them that you’ve got the information they are looking for.

If your target market is, for example, looking for pet grooming products, they shouldn’t be confronted with headlines about real estate.  Avoid trying to be witty with indirect language or irrelevant humorous statements that your target market may or may not get.  The risks are high if they don’t get your humour—you’ll lose prospective customers…quickly.

Plain English 

There is no way of knowing the reading abilities of your audience.  They likely vary, no matter what your topic is.  That is why it is recommended that business websites create content that can by read at an eighth grade level or even lower. 

Avoid big words and keep your sentences short.  Use descriptive headings to guide your readers through your copy and ensure easy reading by avoiding small fonts and tight line spacing. 

Provide a Call to Action 

Reading something that is just nice won’t create the income that you need to stay in business.  Include a call to action.  On each page you should be asking for some active response on the part of your reader.  Whether it is to subscribe to your mailing list or purchase something or some service that you are selling, your website is valuable real estate and every page should be utilized strategically. 

For example you might add after a descriptive section on your new product the following: 

  • Add to Cart
  • Get Your [ITEM NAME] Today
  • Buy Now
  • Sign up today to receive your free [GIFT ITEM NAME]!


Proofing your copy for grammatical and spelling errors is really the difference between a well written piece and a poorly written one. Style isn’t as important as substance and no matter how wonderful your command of the English language is if you publish website copy with errors you will tarnish your image. 

When it comes to business sometimes one glaring mistake is all it will take to turn off customers. It is, however, sometimes difficult to edit copy that you’ve just written.  One trick is to step away from the copy for an hour or so and then come back and read it backwards. 

You will automatically read your copy slower when reading your written material from the end to the beginning. 

Great website content is a matter of putting yourself in your target market’s frame of mind and writing in a way that is simple, direct and accurate.

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