How To Reduce Belly Fat In Women

Women most women want to lose weight their first thing to do is to start cutting food groups, and calories. The problem is this causes a lot of stress on the body and causes hormone imbalances due to the stress caused on the body, and the mind. Introducing deprivation to your already stressed life will not cause you to lose weight, or reduce belly fat in the long term because most people give up. This is the well-known “yo-yo effect”, losing and gaining the same 20 or 30 lbs over and over again. Studies show that just staying overweight is better for your health than yo-yo dieting.

Belly fat is related to increased cortisol levels, as well as Leptin resistance. Stress increases cortisol levels exponentially. It is important to understand the role that stress can play in the creation of belly fat. Even if you are good at not over eating during stressful periods, if you are chronically stressed cortisol levels will be higher and your belly fat ratio will be higher.

To reduce stress there are three things you can do:

  1. Exercise — Try adding stretching exercises, such as yoga, to help reduce stress to your exercise regimen. Stress reduction is a key component in lowering the hormone cortisol and once you lower this hormone you will find that the belly fat melts off.
  2. Eat — Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. When starvation mode sets in, it increases your cortisol level and also affects your Leptin levels which will increase belly fat and make it harder to stick to a diet. Try eating often every day. Do not let yourself get too hungry.
  3. Sleep — If you are not sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night, and sleeping well, it is likely you have extra belly fat because sleep plays a major role in hormone balance. Studies show that sleep is when your Leptin stores are increased and your cortisol levels regulate.

Focus your efforts on being as natural as possible. Eat whole foods, eat five to six small meals a day, and don’t be scared to eat from all the major food groups. Avoid chemicals and additives and create simple dishes that are as close to nature as possible. There is no food group for fake sugar, fake fat, and fake food because it’s not food!

Don’t be afraid to eat healthy fats found in fish, olive oil, and fatty fruits. Fat helps your body metabolize vitamins and  nutrition and is a very important component of any diet. Avoid fad diets that cut entire food groups, encourage the use of chemicals, fake foods and sugars, and genetically modified foods (GMOs).

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