How to Get More Ratings and Reviews on iTunes

I’ve been hearing that ratings and reviews are really important on iTunes if you have a podcast. But, why and how in the heck did you get them?

First of all, WHY are reviews important? Your traffic and exposure to your podcast from iTunes appears to be directly related to the number of comments/reviews you have – although that is arguable, depending on who you ask. But, it does tend to make your podcast appear more credible, whether the comments are positive or negative – just because it shows that people are listening.

Let me give you a quick back story on why this is the topic of my article.

  1. I had my podcast on iTunes.
  2. Like a doofus, I removed it. (Don’t ask.)
  3. I’ve struggled to get it re-added, and now am starting from scratch to get subscribers, reviews and ratings.

I have a plan to get more reviews and ratings on iTunes, but I’m still obviously experimenting. Here it is…

1. Write an Article about iTunes Reviews.

I’m writing an article where I beg for ratings. (checking that off my list now… This is it.) Subtle, aren’t I?

2. Asking Past Guests who’ve Been on My Show.

I am contacting my friends who have been interviewed on the show and am asking them to take a moment to review the show, to help us both get more traffic. I’ll also resend the transcripts of the show to them, so they can help spread the word.

3. Adding iTunes Button to My Blog.

I added a button to the upper right corner of my blog where it showcases the iTunes link. (It used to be hidden more.) I know… that’s really fancy marketing, right? There’s nothing too slick about that. Just an oversight that I corrected.

4. My Email Lists.

I’m going to mention the link to my lists frequently (as a sidenote) and add mention of it to my autoresponder sequence, too.

5.Create a Viral Report about iTunes Traffic.

I’ll be turning this article into a free pdf report that will get my iTunes account more exposure – and, hopefully, more reviews. I’ve asked some friends to contribute to add more value to the report – and get more people passing it around.

6. During the Podcast.

I’ll mention during the shows that I record from now on that I’m on iTunes and that I appreciate reviews. I’ll also call out some of the names of people who have posted reviews and thank them publicly.

7. Host a Contest.

I might also host a contest and give the prize to one of the people who comments on my iTunes account. I just have to come up with a really juicy prize first.

I’ve got a few other ideas up my sleeve, but that’s the game plan for now.  We’ll see what happens.

Find out if these ideas worked (or not) by checking out my podcast on iTunes. You’ll find the link on my blog at If you’d like to see what other experts suggested, check out this post: How to Get More Reviews on iTunes.

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  1. Thanks for the advice!! I am going to follow your list and will then resport back in on how it goes for me! Would love to hear an update on how your itunes reviewing goes for you. In the meantime… I am happy to trade reviews with you. It worked for me and the other hosts on my network- but only to a point. I’ve exhausted that pool and then some. Sometimes you just have to start out trading reviews with others until it gets going for real.
    Thanks again!

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