Helping Your Teen Find A Summer Job

Summer break for most students is not too far away. In fact, many teens will be looking for a way to earn extra cash. As a parent, there are things you can do to help your teen find summer work.

Thinking back to when we were teens, it was a given that summers would be devoted to finding a job to help with family finances. Today, the same holds true for some teens, while others simply want to find a way to earn additional cash for expenses they may incur over the summer.

Having a job as a teen is important in that it teaches responsibility at an early age, but more importantly, prepares them for when they become full-time members of the work force. More importantly, developing a worth ethic can be immeasurable. Along with learning to work along with others, understanding what is expected of them, and given the opportunity to work in different types of businesses can make all the difference in ascertaining their field of endeavor.

In order to help your teen find a summer job, perhaps the place you work in may need someone to help with filing or other office duties; or if your teen is pursuing a specific area of interest you can contact many companies in that particular field who are seeking interns; you can ask your teen’s counselor if there are any corporations who are hiring teens as part of a school-wide program; contact local department stores, small boutiques, or stores within malls who need assistance during the summer. You can also contact your local state and city government to determine what summer jobs they have available. In fact, some of these jobs may be out door related, which your teen may find more suitable.

As a parent, you can also contact your friends and family members who may need additional help in their respective companies. In addition, there are plenty of jobs offered at summer camps where your teen can apply for a position as a counselor.

For a teen, working a summer job brings a certain amount of experience they could not obtain anywhere else. Understanding how specific businesses operate, the ability to take orders, and establishing a foothold in one area or another gives them the opportunity to decide what field of endeavor they may want to pursue in college.

As parents, we want the very best for our teens. Helping them to find a summer job is the first step on their path to learning the rules of the game. Moreover, the benefits are invaluable in helping them think about their career choices. The more teens are exposed to, and become part of, the work force – the easier the transition will be when they graduate from college.

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