Help, I Want To Raise My Prices


Are you at a sweet point in your business development where it’s time to increase prices?  I’ve been there!  It’s not easy.  You want to get paid well for your time but you don’t want to scare your market away.  Can you raise prices too much, too fast?

I asked several of of my smartest friends for advice on this and got some really good stuff!

Sue Painter of Confident Marketer believes in tackling fear of a price increase head on:

I teach my clients some exercises about being fearless about pricing. Our exercises are varied depending on the person but we usually start by within 48 hours they do what is necessary to immediately raise prices across the board by 10%. Just do that right away. And expect to lose some but gain more. We start with that and then the messaging that goes with it. It’s fun to face down that fear and see them on the other side, like “Oh WOW!”

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