Great Audio and Video Begin with Words… The Written Word

Audio and especially video, are buzzwords of the day when it comes to content marketing. Multi-media is cheap to produce and can be consumed by a large chunk of Internet users. Plus, it can really pack a punch with connecting to your reader.

But before you start your next audio or video, have a plan. In other words, write it down.

Look at some of the audio or video content that is out there today. YAWN. It’s often repetitive, it runs off track and just doesn’t provide the informative value it promised. You can be spontaneous, but without some kind of pre-determined direction your content may meet the same fate. Using a script or a few simple notes ensure that you end up with something decent.

Movies use scripts. If they didn’t, we’d be bored to tears and demanding our $10 back. You might think, well reality TV is off the cuff and still brings in the audience. But, even reality TV doesn’t compare to trying to fly by the seat of your pants with an audio or video. Reality TV is highly edited and what you see on your TV screen is nothing like what the editors started with. The same goes with documentaries that may combine unscripted portions, but included scripted commentary with a tight plan of what the finished product will be. With your own multi-media, the message is easily lost if you don’t prepare.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

*For an audio or video interview, be sure to get access to the questions first so you can plan what you will say before you go on.

*How do you prepare for an interview? Use tactics that work for you. If you like to plan then create a complete script so there are no surprises, but make sure you can read it so it doesn‘t sound like you‘re reading. A freer approach is to jot down key speaking points to jog your memory when the time comes.

*Are you going to be the subject of the video? If you are recording yourself, keep your notes nearby as you talk to your audience. So as not to appear to be reading from a paper, strategically place it close or type the words on the screen if you are using a webcam. With a camera, you can tape the notes to it.

*Mix it up with some scripted talk and spontaneous discussion. To plan for the unplanned, script your intro and conclusion. That way, your listeners won’t miss out on important stuff you want them to take away from your presentation.

None of this will keep you from stumbling over words occasionally. Nobody needs to be perfect, but what it will do is polish your project so your audience can’t help but listen and take action.

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