Don’t Have a Copywriting Swipe File? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Get One

When I first heard someone say “swipe file” in regard to copywriting a few years back, I was horrified. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s basically keeping a folder (printed or digital) of sales copy to refer to when crafting your own copy.

I know!

It seemed like people were suggesting that I keep a swipe file, so I could actually plagiarize the copy of others. It was totally shocking. But really, that is not the purpose of a swipe file. Keeping a swipe file is simply a learning opportunity to improve your own copywriting skills.

Here are three reasons why keeping a swipe file is a GOOD thing:

1. One of the best ways to dramatically improve your own copywriting, is to study the copywriting of others. Yes, getting a foundation in copywriting principles that can be found in copywriting books is important, but honing your skills comes from study and of course, practice. Studying shows you how people can create compelling stories, make copy flow and transition seamlessly and more.

2. Studying the copy of others increases your copywriting vocabulary. By studying copy, you start to see which words and phrases can be most powerful. Sure, you can buy lists of “power words” or “power phrases”, but seeing them in action really solidifies how it all works.

3. Just use your brain when you use your swipe file. Realize that every product and every target market is different. What works well with one, may not work well with others. Also, there is often some specific logic in using a particular angle, wording, etc. in copy – and you need to build your understandings of the WHY certain things are done in certain ways. Through basic and then in-depth study and practice, these things will become more obvious to you.

So…what’s in your swipe file? If you don’t have one yet, keep your eyes peeled for great sales copy to add to your file.

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