Cultivating Patience in an Impatience World

for-a-blog-postI use to think I was a very patient person.  Maybe I was many years ago.  But as I evaluate myself honestly and realize I am wondering why this page is taking so long to load or why is someone writing such a long message when it could have been said in a few words (in my opinion) I begin to realize how impatient I have become.  So for me it’s time to learn to be  more patient in this impatient world.

Impatience is defined as being unwilling to wait; intolerance with anything that causes delay or hinders desired results. Although we usually blame external forces for causing our impatience, we have to take responsibility for creating it ourselves. Yes, the world we live in does bow down to the god of fast everything, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it too. We create and cultivate a great deal of our impatience from within ourselves. These are just a few ways we do that on a daily basis.

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