Conquering Fat Loss

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin


Another way to look at this quote is that if you don’t plan to succeed then you’re planning to fail.

Everything in life requires planning, including natural weight loss. If you don’t have a plan for your natural weight loss, you’re just floating through the air with no direction, and you’ll just end up where you end up. For some people this is okay for them, but I suspect that for you, since you’re reading an article about conquering fat loss, that just winding up willy-nilly wherever is not for you.

In fact, maybe that is how you got to where you are now.

You had no plan, no natural weight loss techniques to fall back on, you just ate whatever chemically laden foods you wanted and everyone else is eating. Maybe you even followed some of the unhealthy ways of weight loss that made the problems worse.

This is the cornerstone of fat loss. It doesn’t happen by accident. You have to have a plan, what you’ll eat and how you’ll exercise on a daily basis.

You’ll also need a plan about how to handle:


  • Eating at Restaurants
  • Going a Movie
  • Parties
  • Family Dinners
  • Daily Errands
  • Emergencies
  • Grocery Shopping
  • A Super Busy Day

There will be moments where you feel discouraged. What will you do to keep going? The better you plan for every eventuality that can happen the more prepared you’ll be and the more likely you will be successful reaching your goals. Take the time to sit down right now and make a plan for how you’ll handle these situations above, as well as any other situations you’ve found yourself in.

Knowing how you’ll deal with temptation is the best way stop temptation in its tracks. For instance, how will you deal with everyone around you eating pizza? Will you really be able to eat a grilled chicken salad with lemon? Be honest with yourself about what you can handle. Do not delude yourself. Being honest is a huge step toward making sure you do what is best for you. You may simply not be able to handle being around pizza right now, that’s okay, make your excuses and find something else to do.

If you have a buddy who can help motivate you, and stick to natural weight loss techniques together,  so much the better. Get together with the buddy to help you craft a plan for issues that arise. Don’t plan when you’re hungry, or hurried, or in a bad mood. Set up a time to make this plan when you’re full, relaxed and ready to create a plan for success. Natural weight loss planning does not happen just one time either. Your natural weight loss plan will need to be perfected over time. You’re not going to be perfect, but you can take note of issues, keep track of natural weight loss techniques, and then work on them next time.

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