Smart Women and Their Relationship With Money

To ensure that your Big Idea comes to fruition and achieves growth year after year, it’s essential that you make money in your business. I’d like to share some ideas about why women and money go together and energize your thinking about why it’s key to stay focused on making money.

What Smart Women Can Learn From Einstein About Reaching Goals

My favorite quote by Einstein is “Vision without execution is merely hallucination.” Einstein’s quote helped me to realize there are two distinct parts to reaching your big ideas, dreams and goals. Below are some tips and solutions that will help you during both the Visioning and Planning phases for your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals for 2012.

Smart Women Make Decisions

When you weigh yourself down in decision making and stall the moving forward process, the cost is high. It can affect your health and your business. Here are some tips and solutions I use when I’m feeling stuck and need to get moving.

Smart Women And The Fear of Commitment

In my work supporting women entrepreneurs, I find fear of commitment in business can make the difference between mediocre results and extraordinary results. Here are some tips to help you commit and get your ideal clients.

Smart Women Give Their Business a Marketing Makeover

If you’re ready to step out in your business in a bigger way, these tips and solutions will cause people around you to sit up and take notice that you are serious about success in business. Taking these steps will unleash more referrals, more clients and more income – 3 necessary ingredients for complete success.

Smart Women Have Rituals for Success

Do you have rituals for success in your life and business? Here are 7 rituals I use to help me stay on course and honor what I value most.

Smart Women And The 5 Fundamental Questions for Business Success

If you are serious about making 2012 the year that you soar in business and make big leaps in income, you must first ask yourself a few questions (and get honest with yourself about the answers). When these 5 components are blended together, you can guarantee yourself more clients, more income and more freedom to enjoy life.

Smart Women And The 4 Entrepreneurial Phases

This article is about the journey that entrepreneurs take when they first start a business and the phases they need to go through in order to reach their highest goals. There are different skill sets needed at certain phases to make the business a success.

Smart Women Have Their Own “Hermageddon”

This article is about the importance of taking a time out for yourself. If you are truly ready to make a change in your life and start living differently, there is no better way than to go on retreat and recharge and renew your mindset.

Smart Women, Niche Marketing and Yoga Johnny

This article is about the importance of finding your niche and identifying your ideal client. It simplifies your marketing and collapses your time frame for building your business.

Tips on How To Overcome Self Doubt

If you are a person who suffers from self-doubt, then you probably feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have confidence in your abilities. Actually, you may feel that everyone views you in the same way you view yourself. Self-doubt is an issue that many people deal with in their lifetime, but it is […]

Smart Women Make a Difference

If we as women want to truly make a difference in the world, we have to do it every single day in any single way we can. If you aren’t happy about the way things are, then I invite you to begin walking a path to make a difference.

A Mom’s Struggle With Anxiety Finally Leads To Peace

In the spring of 1996 at age 30, I had my first beautiful daughter. It was love at first sight. I could not believe how much my heart grew when I looked at that precious little baby. But I was scared too. I was diagnosed with panic disorder in my early 20’s and so I […]

Use SMART Goals to Get Organized in 2011

It’s January, 2011. Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you given up making New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s see if a simple word change can alter your perspective and increase your success in organizing your life in 2011. Let’s boost your 2011 accomplishments by setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Maybe […]

Smart Women And The Tug of Transition

This article is about using some simple tips to start considering entrepreneurship or starting your own business.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone: Here’s How

There is a quote by Brian Tracy that says “You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” I believe that quote is very true. One of the biggest causes of people feeling stuck in life is the fact that they are afraid to take action and […]

Smart Women Create

Whether you have a book inside of you, a new program you want to create for your business or maybe you have an idea for a new business you want to start, here are 3 solutions that are guaranteed to work every time.

How to Achieve Your Personal Goals

If you want to know how to achieve your personal goals in life, but you feel overwhelmed about knowing where to start, know this: Reaching goals in life can be achieved if you have a plan. A very effective way to develop and succeed in your personal goals is to engage a life coach. A […]

Smart Women Never Quit

This article is about why it’s important to never quit as we are on the road to accomplishing our Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals. Although fear and doubt can creep in when we are working toward success, it’s key to stay the course and keep going. There are several things you can do to help you when fear and failure strikes.

Smart Women in a Wild, Wacky World

If you’ve had some challenges lately in your business or personal life, and feel like you need some solutions to help you move into possibility thinking, here are a few tips that I personally use to move me out from under the covers and into being an energized solution seeker.