Smart Women And The Tug of Transition

This article is about using some simple tips to start considering entrepreneurship or starting your own business.

Smart Women Create

Whether you have a book inside of you, a new program you want to create for your business or maybe you have an idea for a new business you want to start, here are 3 solutions that are guaranteed to work every time.

Smart Women Never Quit

This article is about why it’s important to never quit as we are on the road to accomplishing our Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals. Although fear and doubt can creep in when we are working toward success, it’s key to stay the course and keep going. There are several things you can do to help you when fear and failure strikes.

The Words a Mommy Never Wants to Hear – Something is Wrong with Your Baby

     My husband and I have one child, a boy, now 12.  There are a couple of reasons I remember his birth like it was yesterday.  First, it was the most incredible life changing experience I’ve ever had.  Yes, even bigger than getting married.  After all, I knew the man I was marrying well.  On […]

Ways To Deal With Aggressive Teens

Children are a product of their environment and teenagers are no exception. If they are subject to a hostile living environment where profanity is being used, shouting is always the way of communication or if there are issues of violence; then the teen is learning that these are the appropriate ways to deal with aggression. […]

How To Deal With Lying Teenagers

As a parent you would like to trust your children; but teenagers lie and the bond is broken, it puts a strain on the relationship. Once a parent realizes they have been lied to, feelings of anger may surface. While it seems to be a fact that teens and lies are like two peas in […]

Making Time to Spend With Your Husband

As busy moms we tend to get caught up in our children’s lives putting all of our energy into that, but you also need to remember that there is someone else in your life that craves some one-on-one time with you, and that is your husband.  We, as moms, tend to put all of our […]

The Importance of Spending Time with Your Children

How many times a day do you catch yourself saying, “not now” or “I don’t have time”?  Now, how many times a day do you catch yourself saying this to your children?  Too many times we, as busy moms, get caught up in the daily grind of our family’s lives and trying to get everything […]

How to Keep Your Children Occupied Once School Is Out

I do know that I am very fortunate to be able to work from home and, in turn, be home with my children and not have to worry about childcare. I am very blessed to be able to be involved in my children’s lives on a daily basis like I am. However, they are still […]

Alternative Idea To Dressing Up For Halloween

Every year at this time, the stores are filled with a wide variety of assorted costumes from cute little pumpkins and lady bugs to scary witches and vampires. Growing up, I did dress up and go trick-or-treating. My husband and I took our children for a few years, but then decided that it was just […]

Helping Your Teen Succeed in High School

You know your teen can handle the work, you know your teen knows what to do, yet you watch your teen fall short of meeting a certain educational goal. Many parents have witnessed this over the course of parenting their teens and many parents find it hard to endure a teen whom they feel isn’t […]


How taking excellent care of yourself and putting your own needs above all else is actually GREAT for business.

Party Favors Aren’t Just for Weddings

Most amateur party planners automatically assume party favors are just for weddings. Think again! One way to liven up the festivities — whether it’s an anniversary, baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, graduation party, or quinceanera — is with functional, affordable party favors. Continue reading to discover some unique party favor ideas for your next get together.

The Value of Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

Okay, I admit it; I wasn’t excited about becoming a stay-at-home mom. I was working as a part-time dental hygienist and had the right combination of work and home time.  My husband and I had just barely decided that I would follow a dream to go onto dental school versus having a third child (which […]

Work Life Balance: Help for Busy Moms

As a mom you probably go through times in your life when you think you can’t possibly manage work and taking proper care of your family. In fact, there are probably times when you feel you’re not doing a good job at one or the other or maybe even both. Don’t despair! There is help […]

Help your Teen Daughter Develop a Healthy Body Image

“I’m fat!” “I’m ugly!” “I have nothing to wear that doesn’t make me look gross!” Despite all your pep talks and positive reinforcement, you can’t seem to get through to your daughter. She’s unhappy with her appearance and convinced that everyone else is looking at her with judgment. You’re sad that she’s so one, too […]

Tips to Curb Summertime Teen Laziness

Most of us enjoy a lazy day when we can sleep in, putz around and just relax a little – and our kids are no different. However, when the dog days of summer come, some teens take that one “couch out” day and stretch it over an entire summer break. Here are some tips to […]

Family Time at Dinner Time

These days, many families struggle to find time when they can all be together.  Sometimes it’s because both parents work long hours and sometimes it’s because of the kids’ many extracurricular activities. Some nights are going to be crazy busy and you each just have to eat when you can.  Other times your family can […]

Stress Reduction Tips For The Entire Family

Busy family lifestyles lead to stressed out families. Stressed out families can often lead to more problems and issues. Learning to deal with family stress before the stress becomes a huge problem is a good idea. If you already have problems, then learning to deal with the issues that are causing you stress is essential […]

Six Ways to be a Bad Conversationalist

Everyone can talk, but not everyone is a good conversationalist. If you haven’t had much experience or training, there are some conversation mistakes that can make you someone nobody wants to talk to. 1. Mr. Prove-It: Mr. Prove-It will make you prove the validity of everything that comes out of your mouth. Having a conversation […]