Calling and Receiving Miracles!

You can learn how to call and receive miracles. You can become and be a miracle maker. It’s a quality and skill that anyone can develop, and when you do, miracles can become part of your everyday, ordinary life. That’s actually what the Divine always intended – for your life to be filled with lots and lots of these gifts of love. There really are no limits. You don’t need to hold out in case you need a big miracle someday. In fact, the more little miracles you can allow in your life, the less need you’ll have for the big ones.

–Excerpted from free miracles video class: Miracles: Receiving These Gifts of Love


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About Holly Agnes Higgins

I am a life coach and personal growth teacher with a Master of Transpersonal Psychology and a Master of Business Administration.

My greatest joy is helping people live a magical life, a life rich in spirituality, filled with love, success, fulfillment, and miracles. My approach is to focus on personal growth in service of spirituality – a person’s very personal relationship with the Divine, however they refer to the Divine. For some, the Divine is an all-loving singular expression of consciousness, while for others it’s their experience in nature when they feel connected to something much bigger than themselves. The Divine can be a state of mind and being for some, or their relationship with their Higher Self. Or it can even be all of the above or none of the above. Again, it’s very personal. I just always encourage people to find the spiritual path that brings them the most hope and joy, without causing harm to anyone.


  1. Thanks for the reminder about miracles. I recently read, “Hiring the Heavens” and have been amazed (although I shouldn’t have been after reading that book!) about all of the miracles that have happened since I began ‘hiring the heavens’ and the changes in myself. Great information! Thank you!

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