Making the Most of your Space to Garden

With all the talk of contaminated store-bought vegetables and the cost of those vegetables rising every day, it makes sense to grow your own whenever and wherever possible.  People think that growing fruit and vegetables requires a lot of space but that couldn’t be further from the truth with these space-saving tips. More companies are […]

Soft Pretzels: Fun Baking for Kids

With three growing boys, the battle to keep healthy, easy and relatively inexpensive snacks in the house always seems to be one I feel I’m losing.  Combine that with the fact that the time it takes to keep up with the baking and cooking leaves me feeling like that’s all I do:  bake, bake and […]

No Bake Summer Goodies

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that the kids don’t want goodies.  It DOES mean you don’t want to have to turn on the oven and heat up the house!  Keep these kid-friendly recipes on hand for those days that you need a need a quick, easy no-bake treat.    Two recipes require a small […]

How to Make a Wedding Affordable

I was looking over some information about articles I’ve submitted and noticed that one of the phrases searched that brought up some of them was, “marriage ceremony when you can’t get married because of finances.”  We also have some new friends who are talking about how they can’t get married right now because they can’t […]

Food and Fun for Kids

Kids love helping out in the kitchen.  It can also be a big source of pride for them to tell you that they made the meal, almost all by themselves.  It’s also wonderful being able to combine fun, hands-on play time with meal preparation time.  My boys love helping me make gnocchi almost as much […]

Quick Microwave Breakfast Ideas

I’ve come to love my microwave in more ways than ever.  We have three boys who are growing so quickly and always on the go with sports, school and playing in general.  They are always hungry and I have definitely found that starting them off with protein rich and fiber rich breakfasts keep them going […]

Gifts for Quilters under $5

Looking for some gifts for your favorite quilter that won’t break the bank?  Here is a list of great items that this quilter (and probably your quilter) can’t live without! -Curved safety pins are used for holding the three parts of the quilt together during the quilting process.  They’re always lost and you never seem […]

Thoughtful and Practical Gifts from the Heart

Despite recent predictions that we’re coming out of the recession, I know many people are still struggling.  Holidays like Christmas where there is financial pressure to spend money on stuff makes it hard for people to find the joy in giving so instead of looking at these situations as a burden on your wallet, look […]

Reusable Halloween Costumes

I have three boys and in general they all like the same costumes, so I’ve been able to reuse our costumes year after year.  One year the littlest one didn’t want ANY costume!  He didn’t like having to put the costume over his clothes (a common thing in our Northern climates).  Well, I was determined.  […]

Frugally Dressing for Success

You’ve just landed that job you wanted!  Congratulations are in order but so is a more professional wardrobe.  You don’t want to use up your first three paychecks creating that wardrobe (or three or four paychecks every year thereafter) so I’ll show you how to create a stylish and frugal wardrobe. Obviously, what you’ll be […]

Work Week Meals-Twice is Nice

It’s been at least six years since I balanced working outside the home almost full-time and having two kids. Friends were always amazed that I managed homemade meals on the table each night. Becoming a stay home mom with three kids made meal planning a bit easier because I was home BUT several of the […]

Ten Ways to Slash your Grocery Bill

With the rising cost of food, everyone is looking for ways to save on their grocery bills without sacrificing nutrition.  Here are ten money saving tips. -Shop for the best priced items only.  Create a price book with a list of your best ever prices on the things you buy.  If you see something at […]

Tips for Cutting Down on Heating Expenses

The cost of heating our homes has risen considerably in the past few years.   Here are some tips to help you cut down on your home fuel expenses. •     Turning down the thermostat even a few degrees helps a lot. •     Moist air feels warmer.  Make sure you maintain adequate humidity during the more dry […]

Family Recipes: Keeping the Memories Alive

I never knew my husband’s grandmother.  I never knew her like he did because by the time we started dating, Grandma N. was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. I only knew the shell that remained of this wonderful woman after the disease had robbed her of most of her memory.  What I do have […]

Easy, Overnight Breakfast Recipes

We don’t leave the house on Christmas and the grandparents frequently come over to watch the boys open their presents.  I don’t want to have to spend lots of time in the kitchen on Christmas morning, so I’ve been able to pull together some recipes which are prepped the night before and only require a […]

Using Cash to Stay in a Budget

It’s a well established fact that when people purchase things using any payment form OTHER THAN cash, they tend to spend more money.  I always figured that this fact didn’t apply to me because I was a careful shopper. BUT, can I just say that is NOT true!!! I generally keep to a budget of […]

The Value of Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

Okay, I admit it; I wasn’t excited about becoming a stay-at-home mom. I was working as a part-time dental hygienist and had the right combination of work and home time.  My husband and I had just barely decided that I would follow a dream to go onto dental school versus having a third child (which […]

Soup: Simple, filling and frugal fare!

Soup making isn’t complicated, and it is a great simple, frugal, and filling meal, especially if you combine it with homemade bread (yes, I’ve included an easy homemade bread recipe as well)! There are some basics to soup making. The most important thing to remember is to relax and experiment! Soup is basically a liquid […]

Changing your Frugal Attitude

Let’s face it, almost all of us go through some tight financial times through our lives, but how we look at and face those times can set you apart from the crowd.  It’s kind of that, the glass can be half-full OR half-empty situation.  Some people who are in a tight financial situation will let […]

Feeling Rich when the Savings Account Says Otherwise

If your first thought to the title was, “Hey, I’m rich with family, friends, good health and faith!” then you’ve already hit upon my first point.  Good for you!  Being rich doesn’t just imply having lots of cash.  It’s also recognizing that there are things that money can’t buy and you need to learn to […]