Let’s Play Outside – 4 Fun Outdoor Activities For Families

With the weather finally starting to cool down, now is a great time to go outside and play with your kids. Not only is the sunshine and fresh air good for everyone in the family, but playing outside is also a great way to get some exercise. Here are some ideas for you and your […]

How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School

The first day of school for your child is going to be a big day for both of you, and for some it may cause some fear and anxiety. As a parent, you can do a great deal to help your child get through this time of change and new experience by helping them prepare […]

How This Busy Mom Gets Dinner On The Table

You know the drill… you run around all day taking care of the kids, the household and your job and before you know it 7pm rolls around and you have no idea what to fix for dinner. That used to be me too. The solution was usually to sever everyone a bowl of cereal or […]

10 Fun Ways To Become More Active – Every Day

You know you should be getting some sort of exercise, you know of all the health benefits that come with a more active lifestyle. You’ve tried the whole Gym thing, but it just wasn’t for you. The temptation to just sit in front of the TV, to curl up with a good book, or to […]

What’s A Pedometer And Why Would I Need One?

A pedometer is a great inexpensive exercising tool that tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to stick to your daily workout. Let’s take a look at what exactly a pedometer is and why you need one. A pedometer is a small electronic device, about the size of a pager or smaller. The basic function […]

Walking for Weight Loss and Fitness – Pedometer Basics

A pedometer is a neat little gadget that will help you track how much walking you have done in a day. It can be a helpful tool in getting into and sticking with an exercise schedule. Let’s take a look at how you can use a pedometer to get into shape. Why should I walk? […]

Rev Up Your Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss

One you first start watching what you eat, the weight starts coming off easily. Then after a few weeks, the scale stops moving downward and you hit a plateau. What’s happening? Your metabolism is slowing down. As you eat less to lose weight, your body goes into survival mode and your metabolism slows down. A […]

I Just Don’t Have The Time To Exercise

How many times have you said to yourself that you just don’t have the time to exercise? Don’t feel bad; it’s my favorite excuse as well. We all have busy lives and not much time for anything in our schedule. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to sneak some exercise […]

Take Your Workout To The Backyard

Variety is the key to keeping your workouts interesting. If you are already spending a fun afternoon with the kids in the back yard, why now work in a great workout while you are out there. You are setting a great example for the kids and may even get them to join you. Use a […]

Great Cardio Workouts You Can Do At Home

You know how important cardio workouts are for your health and wellbeing, but it’s hard to get a good cardio workout in when you can’t leave to house to go to the gym or for a run. Here are some great cardio workouts you can do right at home. Workout DVDs One of the easiest […]

Vegetables – Health Food Or Killers

With the recent outbreak of e-coli traced back to bagged spinach of all things, the FDA now suggests consumers thoroughly wash all bagged produce (including salad) before consuming it to avoid the extreme diarrhea e-coli bacterial can cause. The e-coli bacteria can be found in any raw or undercooked foods. Most often outbreaks are linked […]

What Makes Soup Such A Great Comfort Food

When you’ve had a long day or are fighting a nasty cold, there just isn’t anything better than a good cup of soup. There’s just something about a bowl of that warm liquid that makes you feel better no matter what happened. Let’s take a look at what makes soup the perfect comfort food, and […]

Help, My Prenatal Vitamins Are Making Me Sick

You are 2 months pregnant and your morning sickness is raging at full force. You know you need to be taking your prenatal vitamins to keep your developing baby healthy and give your own body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy during this pregnancy. At the same time, simply the thought of having to […]

Let’s Pretend

Children explore the world around them and learn through pretend play. With so many passive activities like watching TV and playing video games, we sometimes need to encourage our children to pretend play. Here are a few suggestions on how to get those creative juices flowing for both you and your child. Dress Up Box […]

Should I Reward My Child For Using The Potty?

You have probably come across potty training sticker charts and other rewards systems that parents use when potty training their children. Some parents will simply use the stickers as a reward, others will reward their child’s overall progress with a bigger prize or present (like a new toy) once they get a certain amount of […]

Regression In Potty Training

Your child has done so well with her potty training. Then, all of a sudden she starts wetting her pants, hides to do “her business” or asks for a diaper or pull-up. What happened? Don’t Get Frustrated Even though seeing your child go backward in this important developmental step can seem very frustrating, don’t let […]

Prepare Your Only Child For Kindergarten

Do you have an only child? I do and I worry about preparing her for kindergarten. Of course, like many moms of one child, I was worried about whether she’d have a disadvantage compared to other children, because she didn’t have siblings. I did some research to see what I could do to help my […]

Challenging Your Preschooler’s Mind

Think of your preschooler’s mind as a sponge, just waiting to expand as your child learns. While structured learning doesn’t start until Kindergarten, the years leading up to this are just as important for your child’s mental development. Neural pathways are still forming in the brain and the more you challenge your child intellectually right […]

Tips On Socializing Your Preschooler

Most children these days attend some kind of preschool program before entering mainstream education in kindergarten. Preschools have changed since I was in school. Now, they are geared towards preparing the children academically. When children stay home, they miss this and the process of getting to know other children. If money is an issue, keeping […]

Christmas Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

Waiting all December long for Christmas day can be quite a challenge for a child. Do you remember how hard it was to wait for Santa as a kid? Here are some great Christmas activities to keep the kids busy until the big day. These are great ways to enjoy the anticipation and waiting for […]