Family Time at Dinner Time

These days, many families struggle to find time when they can all be together.  Sometimes it’s because both parents work long hours and sometimes it’s because of the kids’ many extracurricular activities. Some nights are going to be crazy busy and you each just have to eat when you can.  Other times your family can […]

Kids Cooking For A Cause

How can we combine kids, cooking, and charity?  This was a question that popped into my mind the other morning.  There must be a way to blend these three together in a way that’s good for the kids and good for the charity.  The answer came in a totally unrelated email the next day.  The […]

Kids Can Make Pizza!

Just about any time is a good time for kids to make pizza, don’t you think?  Here are some steps to help create a positive pizza-making experience for you and your children. Plan it out ahead of time and talk it over with your kids.  Give them options – kids love choices.  What exactly do they […]

For Kids Only – How To Read A Recipe

Sometimes you get tired of mac and cheese, don’t you?  Frozen burritos, cheese sticks, and sandwiches can get pretty boring too if you eat them all the time.  Hey, how about taking out one of your mom’s recipes, that one you really like, and make some real food?  Problem is, you don’t know how to […]

Sidewalk Chalk – My Favorite Learning Tool

When the weather is nice, the kids (and Mom) are itching to get outside and play.  I personally like the playing to learn approach.  Did you know there’s an outdoor world of math and reading fun that awaits you and all you need is sidewalk chalk, dice, and your imagination?  Anything we can do inside […]

Homeschooling – Learning Through Recipes

There are so many wonderful packaged Unit Studies available to homeschoolers that you don’t know where to start.  Instead of buying something pre-packaged, how about starting with an idea and let your children’s interests decide where to go with it.  Have you thought about starting a unit study in the kitchen… with a recipe? You […]

Math Games for the Active Child

To put it in a nice way, my son is rather squirmy.  He doesn’t like to sit still for very long unless he’s playing a video game, then it’s just amazing.  So instead of constantly telling him to sit down and do his math, we take it outside or up the stairs, literally.  I’d like […]

7 Tips For Kids Learning To Cook

It is said that cooking is an art.  Like most art forms, a person can have some natural talent, but there’s a whole lot of learning and experiencing that has to happen before they’re any good at it.  Cooking is no exception.  First, children need to be exposed to good cooking, so they can appreciate […]

More Math Games For The Active Child

Math games are the perfect way for the squirmy child to learn math. Some kids don’t learn as well when trying to concentrate all their efforts on sitting still. These kids do better when allowed to actively partake in math games – and what could be more fun? Here are four more ideas for math […]

Kids Cooking Tacos…In My Kitchen

Kids cooking tacos. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Until they actually get started and don’t really know what to do. It’s your kitchen and they’re making an absolute mess. Plus, they don’t know how to cook and you know you’ll end up doing most of it. Some kids have helped Mom in the kitchen […]

Toddler Food For the Picky Eater

What comes to mind when you think of toddler food? If you think of prepackaged snacks or jars of chunky baby food in your grocery store’s baby food isle, then think again. You want to have your child eat the same thing as the rest of the family most of the time, but there are […]

A Fancy Holiday Dinner Party… For Kids?

The holidays are here and it’s time for food and fun. For a different twist, why not host a fancy holiday dinner party… for your kids and their friends? Our whole family had so much fun with this that it’s become a yearly tradition. A fancy dinner party for the younger set has many benefits. […]

Kids Holiday Cookie Party

The holidays are upon us and we’re busy with everything from decorating the house to wrapping presents. The kitchen plays a big role during this time, and depending on your kids’ cooking skills they can play the lead or be part of the supporting cast. One fun way for your kids to get involved in […]

Cooking With Your Kids This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a little stressful when you have company coming and you have to cook the whole meal. Sure the company is bringing a pie and will help with the dishes and clean up, but you’ve got a whole lot of work ahead of you when you wake up on that special Thursday morning. […]