The Power of Storytelling

I’ll never forget the day I decided to quit my stable $50,000 a year job. Candy, the older assistant who really ran the company, had the radio on in her office. (She actually bossed me around sort of like the Meryl Streep character in “The Devil Wears Prada”. But most of the time she tolerated […]

Your Elevator Speech in 5 Simple Steps

Last week I had a meeting with a very well-known motivational speaker. I had met him before at a seminar and interviewed him over the phone for a book, so I felt somewhat comfortable. While on the phone interview, I told him I wanted to write for him. He was surprisingly very open to it. […]

My 5 Biggest Mistakes of 2006

As a new year begins, I can’t help but look at how I want to improve my 2007. It’s what all successful entrepreneurs must do – you included! In fact, the more successful you want to BECOME, the more important PLANNING becomes. So let me pull back the curtain and confess some of the shortcomings […]

Tell Me What Matters Most …

Thanksgiving is coming up in America and Canada. I think of it as a time for reflection. I’ve made a concerted effort to bring more balance into my life and work. So now it’s time to give myself a report card to see how I really did. How about you? What’s important in your life? […]

Master Your Time, Master Your Income!

Yep, this subject has really gotten my attention. I am so glad I finally picked up Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs,” after meaning to read it for quite some time. You’ve gotta love a time management book that’s short enough to read in a couple hours or less! Here are three gems […]

What the BLOG???

Blogs Are the NEW Secret Weapon for Reaching Your Tarket (target market). Just like you, I hate being marketed to. Every day we’re bombarded with over 3,500 marketing messages. And frankly I’m sick of it! But blogs are different. Blogs are a two-way conversation between blogger and bloggee (plus all the readers in between). Through […]

Mastermind Your Way to Success

What do Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Anthony Robbins, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin have in common? They all leverage the power of the mastermind team. The mastermind works on the concept that two (or more) heads are better than one. When you gather a group of like-minded people and focus […]

Wisdom from the John Carlton Event

Can you imagine an event by John Carlton being bad? Me neither. And true to form John’s Big Damn Hot Seat Seminar was eye-opening. But it was a little different than most copywriting seminars. In fact, we only spent a marginal amount of time on actually critiquing copy. No, this event was about looking at […]

What the Font?!

Serif versus sans serif There are two basic types of font faces -serif versus sans serif. But which is better? In fact, which is which? Let’s start there. Serif is the kind with finishing curly cues or finishing strokes on the ends like Times New Roman. Sans serif is the straight lined counterparts, like Arial. […]

What Is YOUR Single Most Important Question About Writing Copy?

“Psst. Mind telling me your single most important question about writing copy?” Well I’ve been collecting these questions to find out what my subscribers most need. 1) How do I write faster? The faster you can turn out copy, the faster you get to the marketplace. I have 3 suggestions to speed up your output. […]

What can Madonna and Martha Teach You About Writing Copy?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t argue that pop queen Madonna and domestic doyenne Martha Stewart are two master marketers. One is a calculated maverick who’s stayed at what has to be the world’s toughest and most fickle business for nearly a quarter century. The other turned an at-home catering business into a multimedia […]

Three Quick Marketing Makeover Fixes

Do you like to watch home makeover shows? It’s kind of fun to see radical transformation happen fast (if only because it NEVER seems to work that way in real life), and, as a marketer, I find it interesting to see all the different ways you can ‘merchandise’ a space to make it more appealing. […]

The Super Simple Secret All Copywriters Know

Wanna know the secret to my success as a copywriter? Once you get this concept, you’re practically guaranteed to boost sales for yourself AND your clients. Ready? Here it is in a nutshell. Focus on the catch and not the pitch. If you’re tossing a baseball to your kid, would you turn around and throw […]

The Shocking Truth About Writing Copy with Ease

Regardless of some nay sayers, the long copy sales letter continues to be the hub of all direct response copy. But long copy does not work on its own. Much like a wheel, a sales letter won’t do its job without its support spokes. Each of these spokes requires specific copy. Here is how you […]

The No-Fail Tactic to Keep Them Reading

Copywriting is a team sport. There is you (the writer) and the reader. But the reader has all the power. She gets to decide when the game’s over. As soon as the reader is gone, no one is there to read the copy! So anticipate what’s going to keep her interested and intrigued ahead of […]

The Inconvenient Greening of Red Hot Copy

I underestimated you. So sorry. Since I vowed to master copywriting in 1999 in an effort to stay home and raise my two sons, I made it my business to hunt down the gurus (both dead and alive), and suck as much information out of them as I could. And learn I did. I studied […]

Sales Resistance on the Rise

Have you noticed it? More and more marketing campaigns are going over the top. They’re trying bolder, more in-your-face tactics. And consumers DON’T like it. There’s a growing resistance toward advertising. According to a recent study by Yankelovich Partners, 60% of consumers have a much more negative opinion of marketing and advertising than they did […]

Insider Secrets to SERIOUSLY Connecting With Your Target Market and Building Priceless Loyalty

Instead of spending the majority of your time crafting HOW you’re going to sell your audience with your offer, focus on finding out WHO the heck you’re talking to – your target market. Put your attention on the catch and not the pitch. If you’re tossing a baseball to your kid, would you turn around […]

5 Ways to Handle Those Pesky Pronouns

In the age of equal rights between the genders, the pronoun lags behind. When we’re forced to choose a pronoun, it’s more often than not male. Attempts at gender-neutral pronouns (witness the “s/he” fiasco) have fallen flat. But you run into danger of isolating the female prospect if she feels you aren’t really speaking to […]

The Raw Truth About Persuasion and Copywriting! (Should This Even Be Legal?!)

I get asked all the time, “Lorrie, how can I make my copy more persuasive?” Well frankly it helps if you can speak your prospect’s language. But writing persuasively is more involved than just saying the right words. You need to say them in the right order… and in a way that lowers resistance to […]