The Power of Portable Projects

As I sit here in a conference room waiting for my next meeting (in 90 minutes), I am brought back to this article. It has been on my list of articles to write for some time now. It just seems that it gets pushed a little lower on the priority list as the days pass. […]

The Scarf

Once upon a time, if you saw me knitting a scarf, I would most certainly have been doing it while teaching a beginner’s knitting class. Why would an experienced knitter be working on something as simple as a scarf? Just a long rectangle with rows upon rows of repetition. In the last week, I have […]

Building A Successful Craft Show Booth

If you attend craft shows as a vendor, you’ve probably experienced this: people walk by your booth, take a peek inside, and then walk on. Even if you do your best to greet them and invite them to browse, they smile politely and keep moving. How frustrating! I know that I’ve been there myself. I […]