Break Your Energy Draining Habits

The problem with low energy is that it makes it incredibly difficult to put anything into action. If you have very low energy, then the chances of you being able to commit to a new training program, to a new diet or to a new lifestyle are relatively slim. Motivation is unfortunately predicated on energy, […]

Cultivating Patience in an Impatience World

I use to think I was a very patient person.  Maybe I was many years ago.  But as I evaluate myself honestly and realize I am wondering why this page is taking so long to load or why is someone writing such a long message when it could have been said in a few words […]

Overcoming The Disadvantages Of A Digital Traveller

Have you ever had the urge to travel.  I mean really travel and see the world.  Well I have.  And to be honest I am still on this journey but have some advice that you may not have thought about if you intend to do a lot of traveling.  During the past couple of years I did […]

Creating A Writing Environment for Success

Writing is a great way to bring out your creative side, purge your demons or just let folks know you have an opinion about something.  Good or bad they are your thoughts. Thoughts that mostly come from both the way you grew up, your environment and your mindset.  That’s what make you unique.  So even […]

Improving Your Life When Dealing With Chronic Illness

For the past month I have been dealing with a chronic back problem from an old injury during my hospital nursing days.  When it first began I just thought it will be better soon just like all the other times.  But this time it’s been different.  The pain more severe and lasting a lot longer than in […]