When Loved Ones Hit the Road: How to Handle it When Someone You Love Can’t Handle Your Child’s Illness

     My 12 year old son, Seth, was born with multiple congenital heart defects.  His second (and, hopefully, last!) open-heart surgery took place almost 2 years ago.  During the whole process of getting Seth through his surgery and recovery, I was deeply hurt by a person I love. This person hadn’t called or visited during […]

The Words a Mommy Never Wants to Hear – Something is Wrong with Your Baby

     My husband and I have one child, a boy, now 12.  There are a couple of reasons I remember his birth like it was yesterday.  First, it was the most incredible life changing experience I’ve ever had.  Yes, even bigger than getting married.  After all, I knew the man I was marrying well.  On […]