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Kelly McCausey has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002. Kelly is blogging and podcasting over at SoloSmarts.com where she's proving that Solopreneurs are Smarter.

Tips For Networking In Online Groups

Membership groups come in all shapes and sizes.  One group I joined recently is still quite small, fewer than 20 members.  Just about everyone has shown themselves interested in the topic by joining in conversation.  Another group I’m part of has many hundreds of members, yet online discussions are minimal. It seems a shame to […]

Surprising Myself

If you’d asked six months ago if I’d ever consider being an Uber Driver, I’d have said ‘Oh, heck no!’.  Amazingly, now it’s a fun part of my life.  It all started with a challenge to surprise myself. Read the whole story here.

Kick Anxiety To The Curb

Why would a top shelf Business Coach like Nicole Dean write about Anxiety? First, I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends that I network with that have online businesses have suffered from either depression or anxiety or like me, both. So, I know there are plenty of you out there. I oftentimes wonder if this […]

Customer Follow Up Calls For The Win

Running a 100% online business means we can create a fully automated customer follow up process that takes care of everything they need.  But I’ve discovered there’s good reason for a bit of human engagement in the form of a personal phone call to new customers. Read more about it here.

Trying To Look Perfect Isn’t Helping Your Business

Surely we want to put our best foot forward when representing our business, but when does it cross over into perfectionism and ultimately ‘feeling fake’? You can present yourself ‘just so’ in every photo.  You can behave in ways that you think will make others like you more.  You can hide every fault and hold […]

Your Attitude: Choose Misery Or Mastery

Someone with a Misery Attitude has a poisoned perspective on life.  They find the negative in everything.  They live under a cloud and even when the sun shines they are looking for the next sign of rain.  Misery loves company but company rarely wants anything to do with Misery. Someone with a Mastery Attitude has […]

Podcasts Can Boost Your Business

Podcasting is my all time favorite content, I love talking – I love interviewing – it’s a win-win for me.  A lot of folks I know aren’t podcast because they haven’t figured out how to make it connect to their plans for profit. So, I wrote a post on ways that a podcast can boost […]

Help, I Want To Raise My Prices

Are you at a sweet point in your business development where it’s time to increase prices?  I’ve been there!  It’s not easy.  You want to get paid well for your time but you don’t want to scare your market away.  Can you raise prices too much, too fast? I asked several of of my smartest […]