Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of Affiliate Marketing

When I was new to Affiliate Marketing, I totally psyched myself out of it. I signed up for a few affiliate programs, I don’t remember which, and I tried to promote them here and there and not surprisingly, I didn’t do well. (Meaning I didn’t make any sales.) I chalked it up to the idea […]

Why Do You Buy PLR?

What makes you click the ‘Buy Now’ button when checking out some new PLR? There are strong motivators that make buying PLR simply irresistible. Let’s look at what happens when you see the promotion for that new PLR. At the time you see it, there’s a strong pull to buy. Here are 3 reasons that […]

Become Someone Small Business Owners Can Trust With Their Website

In the past and in some situations in the present day, web development firms have built thousands of three to five page static websites that emulate the small businesses brochure for price tags that blow my mind. In the late 1990’s a friend of mine was hired by a design firm from a larger city […]

What the heck do you know anyways?

I’ve learned that no matter who you are and what you do, there will always be someone who thinks you don’t know what you’re doing. The desire for approval can be debilitating. It will slow you down and make you second guess everything that you do. It is something that simply must be shaken to […]

Can you spot A Perfectly Awful Ad Opportunity?

Some Work at Home Moms have the wonderful advantage of a business education and background. Others of us have only a great desire to work at home and what we hope is a really good business idea. Do you ever feel like you’ve entered a race and the course is all uphill? Don’t worry, it’s […]

Don’t Start Over – Just Begin Again

I think summertime must be when many work at home Mom start to think that their business is a flop and begin to look for a new opportunity. This is fine if your business is truly a flop – but chances are, you just need to take a look at it from a fresh perspective. […]

A Time to Focus and a Time to Diversify

I’m the Queen of the Focus message in the Work at Home Mom Community. I believe it’s important to have a tight focus when you’re developing or growing a home business that will pass the test of time and bring in a reliable income. This is especially true when it comes to a Direct Sales […]

That Darned Google Sandbox

If you’re a new website owner you probably know the pain of being left in the Google Sandbox. It doesn’t seem to matter how good your website is and how successful you are in creating a buzz for your website in other ways, Google will not give you respect in their search engine results. Last […]

Share a Vision for Your Business with God

I have a friend who is caught up in some serious ‘paralysis of analysis’ where her business life is concerned. I advised her to simply follow God’s peace and just get moving! She looked at me like I had suggested that she jump off a cliff. I could tell that she was literally frozen by […]

Article Ideas for Promoting Your Crafts

Crafts – hobby or business? The only real identifier on that question is whether or not your run your business like a business. Are you in it for the profit? Or do you just enjoy creating your crafts? Many crafters run successful online businesses. Website photo galleries show a wide variety of crafts; and e-commerce […]

Article Ideas for Promoting Your Gift Baskets

Article marking is hot. Internet marketing is huge. It used to be that you had to have a website; and then you had to work hard on search engine optimization. Those two requirements are still vitally important – yet alone, they are not enough. The use of articles is a proven method to drive traffic […]

What To Do When Your Content Site Isn’t Making Any Money

The content website is a favored business model for many of us. Where there is fresh content there is money to be made in one form or another. At least that’s what we’ve been told right? First, it’s time for a reality check. Some content topics have greater profitability than others. If you’ve created interesting […]

Overcoming a Poverty Mentality in Business

When I first started my Internet business I had a goal to earn money from home like everyone else. I had a few skills that I felt were marketable and I launched my website with high hopes and the smallest budget any man or woman has ever started with: Zero. I had nothing! I didn’t […]

Three Reasons you’ll be Podcasting Sooner or Later

In a recent networking situation a small business owner asked me an interesting question. “Have I missed the boat with Podcasting?” She went on to explain that some felt that the podcasting wave had crested and anyone who was going to be anybody in the world of podcasting were already doing it and anyone else […]