An Effective (no brainer) List Building Tool

Do you know what one of the most effective list building tools might be? Your email signature line. The area where you can add your name and other details below email messages is valuable marketing real estate that you can use to create awareness about your business and attract potential clients.

I discovered this years ago when my children were in pre-school and I volunteered to become the room parent. This volunteer position involved communicating during the school year with the families about upcoming events and important announcements. I had included a link in my signature line area for people to sign up for my ezine and this created curiosity among the women in my children’s classroom. Before I knew it, there were quite a few women on my list from using this tool and they began showing up for my local Women’s Success Circles!

Below are what I consider the must-haves in your email signature:

1. Industry Credentials – If you have a specific credential or certification in your area of expertise, it’s smart to include this after your name. Let people know that you’ve completed a higher level of learning in your industry.

2. Business Details – Let people know you are a business owner. If you have a logo for your company, consider including this in the signature line to start the branding process in the readers mind. Be sure to include your tag line and business phone number. You don’t want people to have to try to figure out how to reach you if they want to work with you.

3. Links for List Building – This is a great place to share a link to your website, blog, ezine subscription, free report, audio or video series.

4. Social Media Buttons – If you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google +, include the link so people can easily connect and follow you.

I’ve found my email signature line to be an easy, effective, no-brainer tool that has consistently added new subscribers and business to my bottom line. Spend a few minutes on your signature line this week to boost your business and reap these benefits as well.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


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