7 Tips on How to Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

Google is always making changes to its algorithms in order to improve search experiences by those who use it.  No matter what Google’s newest update is going to be, one thing is never going to change, and that is content needed for the web.

Although keywords continue to be important in helping people find you, great content will keep them coming back for more!

Just stop and think for a second.  What attracts you to a particular website, and keeps you returning to it?  I can bet it is not sites that contain a lot of poorly-written material, or ones where you feel like you are not learning anything new. Personally, I am attracted to engaging sites with lots of well-written content that is pertinent to my situation.

In what follows, are seven tips that will help ensure people who find your website, continue to come back to it:

1Fill your site with content

Do not just slap up a site with a few pages, and expect people to revisit it.  Of course, some people do exactly this. They fill their websites with Google ads, in the hopes that a visitor will click one of them.  Obviously, you will not create “stickiness” to your site, plus you risk your Google adsense account being terminated.

This does not mean that you cannot use Google ads.  I have used ads successfully on my own niche blogs, but I ensure my site is filled with useful content first.

2.  Use great content

Related to filling your site with content, you want this content to be good.  You want it to be easy to read, view, or listen to and understand, as well as be useful and eye-catching.

3.  Make sure links are working

It can be frustrating for a website visitor who comes across several links that are not working.  Therefore, make sure that you keep links fresh.  A good way to manage your affiliate links is through a link cloaker like Pretty Link Pro, so you can manage all your links from one location.  There is also a Lite version available, which is free and may be all that you need to get started.

4.  Use a clean, attractive theme

If I have the choice between two websites with exactly the same content, I will always choose the prettier one first.  This not only includes appearance, but also the ease of navigation of the site.

5.  Create a personal connection

If possible, include a photo of yourself on the site, and an “About Me” page that tells your audience who you are.

In addition, use your webcam or smartphone to record and talk to your audience.  Keep these recordings short (under three to five minutes) as many people are busy or lose attention after a short time. Your recordings can be as simple as letting your audience know about what you are up to in your business, or announcing a new product you are promoting.

6.  Engage your visitors

A great site is one that is continually updated with fresh content and ideas.

Make your website an enjoyable place to visit by providing free giveaways, coupons, prizes, and/or forums where discussions can occur.  Just use your imagination, and think about what some of your favorite sites do to keep you returning.

If your website includes a blog portion, be sure to respond to and engage with your blog commenters.  Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to provide a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog, and then not get a response at all.

Another great way to engage people is through teaching and informational webinars.  You can do a live event, and record it for your subscribers who want to listen to it later.

7.  Stay in contact with your visitors

It is important to start building a list sooner than later. You will want to use an autoresponder service such as Aweber.  Use the autoresponder to send out great tips, advice, and promotional offers via email.

In summary, by using the above tips, you can increase the return rate of visitors to your website.  You do not need to do it all at once; break it up into manageable steps and you will see growth.

Kim Phoenix is the owner of a Private Label Rights (PLR) online store where you can get high-quality health and wellness content for use on your websites, blogs, autoresponders, webinars, application development, etc.  You can get a free sample of content by visiting her Buy Health PLR store today.

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I started online by learning how to make websites/blogs, creating affiliate income, and then moved on to flipping some of my websites. I own a health & wellness PLR store, my own niche blogs, and strive to help others succeed in their own businesses through advice and tips on my blog.

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