5 Simple Tips to Help Smart Women Get Unstuck and Take Inspired Action

Have you ever felt “stuck” when it comes to making decisions or stalled on a project that needs to move forward? It’s an unsettling feeling that can prevent you from realizing your big ideas, dreams and goals. I’m working on my first book for Smart Women and recently, I’ve been feeling stuck on the title so I can relate.

The good news is you have the gift of creativity and possibility thinking inside of you – we all do. These gifts have to be nurtured and coaxed a little- they don’t operate like a smart phone with an on or off switch!

I have five easy, guaranteed tips and tools to help you get the creative juices flowing. I use these regularly and encourage the women I work with to use them as well.

1. Art Expression – There’s nothing like free-hand drawing, sinking your hands into some cold, wet clay or grabbing a brush to dive into some colorful paint to aid you in reframing decisions in your life. I signed up for an art class this week in my community and it felt good to give my creative brain a workout.

2. Journaling – If getting your thoughts out on paper appeals to you, this is a great way to peel back the layers of what’s possibly holding you back from moving forward on that big project. I keep my journal in a special place and turn to it frequently. If you have never kept a journal before, here’s a quick tip: Get a journal that has a cover that makes you happy when you pick it up. Choose lined or unlined paper (I prefer unlined) and grab a pen that feels great in your hands. Set a timer for five minutes and start writing – about anything that comes to mind for the full five minutes. You will begin to feel a lot more clarity if you do this consistently.

3. Meditation – Sitting quietly each day for a short period of time can enhance your creative spirit. This one tool has become a daily staple in my life. Find a quiet time each day (mine is early morning while my family is still slumbering away) set a timer for 5-10 minutes and then move away from all electronics or anything that may distract you. You will be surprised what 5-10 minutes can do for your day and your life long-term.

4. Coaching & Mentoring – You may find that having a “thinking partner” help you sort through different ideas and options works best for you. I became a coach because I truly believe with all my heart that it changes people’s lives. I have my own coach and this has made a tremendous difference in how my life and business decisions have played out. I suggest you interview several coaches and choose the one that feels like the best fit for where you are in your life now.

5. Masterminds – Joining a group of like-minded people that meet regularly can be a boost to your creative process and also assist in holding you accountable to your goals. The key is to look for a group that feels right for you and offers conversation around the areas where you need the most support.

Feeling stuck is common among us all – no one is immune. The key is to take inspired action by using some or all of the tips above. I promise if you choose just one, you’ll find your creative channels begin to open and new ideas flowing freely.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


© 2012 Joy Chudacoff

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