3 Tips for Building a Website to Promote Your Service Business

One of the fastest ways for a budding entrepreneur to leverage the power of the Internet and start generating an income is to start a service business…online. 

Whether your service involves face to face meetings with clients or involves no in-person interaction at all, you can build a successful online service business by creating a website and connecting it in powerful and innovative ways to your target market. 

Here are 3 tips to building a website that will boost your service business: 

1.  Get Your Website Noticed with SEO – Search Engine Optimization 

Once you create a website for your service business you’ll then need to ensure that it contains the descriptive or “keywords” that your target market will be using to find businesses like yours in the search engines.  

Consumers have whole heartedly embraced search engines like Google and Yahoo! as effective tools for finding destinations on the web. For example, if a consumer is in need of an accountant he need only type in accountant to receive thousands of choices. Of course he’ll want to narrow down his search according to an accountant that can meet his particular needs.  For example he might search for a small business accountant who understands tax laws for the state of Florida.   

Your goal then becomes finding the best ways to make your website turn up in the top returns for searches with keywords most often used by your target market to find businesses of your type. 

Incorporate these keywords into every page of your website but ensure that your content is still compelling, relevant and engaging for readers.

2.  Make Your Website Easy to Navigate and Understand 

Ensure that your website features a layout that will be familiar to your target market.  Consider including the following:

  • Home page: An attractive, concisely written home page should immediately convey to visitors the type of business service offered.


  • Services page: Make it easy for visitors to understand how to purchase your services by explaining your services in greater detail on a dedicated services page. 

    This is also the page to outline the cost of services offered.  If possible, consider bundling your services into discount packages.  Customers will appreciate that you’ve thought through their needs and will end up spending more if your packages propose to make their life easier while saving them money at the same time.

  • E-commerce – Shopping Cart: Ensure that your website makes it easy for customers to purchase your services.  Whenever possible (and depending on your business) allow customers to connect to a shopping cart where they can purchase your services without delay.
  • About Us: Since you can’t greet your visitors in person make sure your “About Us” page explains a little about your experience, your vision for helping customers in your target market and anything else that you think might help instil confidence in someone who is considering purchasing your services.


3.  Build Credibility in Your Market 

Finally, build a sustainable and loyal client base by raising your public profile online.   You can do this through:

  • Developing back-links to your website from popular, high traffic websites in your niche.
    • Secure these valuable back-links by offering to guest blog/write for these websites.
  • Participating as a speaker in webinars or teleseminars.
    • Not only will this drive traffic to your website but prospective clients will get to learn more about your services within an environment that builds further trust and confidence in your abilities. 

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