10 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat In Women


  1. Drink Water — You’ve heard it before and you’re going to hear it again, you must drink your water. Drink half your body weight in ounces in order to ensure that you’re getting enough. If you drink 8 ounces of water, or clear broth before your meals you’ll eat less, feel better and help the cause to reduce belly fat.
  2. Eat the Rainbow — When you look at your plate you should see a variety of colors on it. Veggies and fruit of all colors will ensure that you’re getting enough variety and nutrition. Try to be as colorful as possible. Include many food groups, and don’t forget how important eating good fats like those in virgin coconut oil, and avocado are for healthy skin and hair.
  3. No Fast-food — Never eat fast food. Besides, fast food is not even food, it’s actually plastic, no kidding. It’s full of preservatives and chemicals. These chemicals affect your hormones in a very bad way raising your cortisol levels causing, you guessed it, belly fat.
  4. No Soda — Again, soda is really not a food group, it is a not even a good beverage in terms of hydrating you. It has chemicals, usually caffeine, and diet is not better than the sugary kind in terms of fighting belly fat. Just say no to soda for the best results. If you enjoy the carbonation try drinking naturally carbonated water and sparkling waters mixed with freshly juiced cherries for a wonderful and nutritious drink.
  5. Exercise — Both weight bearing and cardio are important to do on a regular basis. Try switching it up every other day alternating weight bearing with cardio exercises for optimum results. Add in a daily stretching exercise like yoga to calm the nerves and reduce stress which will further reduce your cortisol levels!
  6. Be Vigilant — Stay on top of your diet and exercise regime by writing it down and even consider measuring your food to get used to true portion sizes. If you check in regularly with yourself and make sure you’re not tricking your mind to thinking you’re eating less when you’re really not you’ll avoid frustration and disappointment.
  7. Avoid Deprivation — Don’t let yourself get too hungry, it is important to eat when you’re hungry. Studies show that eating five or six small meals a day work best to keeping weight down and reducing belly fat in women. Eating snacks keeps your blood sugar stable, and avoiding hunger will enable you to avoid binging on something that is not good for you. Some snack ideas are veggie tray, low glycemic fruit, fish or dried chia seeds to get in your omega vitamins.
  8. Nix Drugs — Many drugs are around that claim to reduce belly fat but it is best if you try to go as natural as possible. If you are feeling tired, and are eating right and doing everything possible consider seeing your doctor or a practitioner who is well versed in thyroid issues. A lot of times thyroid dysfunction shows itself as belly fat, fatigue,  and even itchy skin.
  9. Mind your posture — It is amazing what having good posture can do for you in terms of your belly fat reduction. Many of us have horrible posture and do not even know it. Without our mothers to tell us to stand up straight we often slouch or stand with bad posture. Get help from a yoga instructor or a physical therapist who knows how to stand right if you’re having problems.
  10. Dress well — Properly fitting clothing can do two things for you. 1 — Make you look thinner and 2 — remind you that you have a belly which can keep you from eating too much. When you eat you should never have to unbutton your pants. If you do, you’re eating far too much in one sitting and a nice fitting pair of jeans can make the difference.

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