Why Your Online Business Needs a Newsletter

Are you looking for an increase in customers, traffic and profits?  Whether you own an online business or a brick and mortar establishment, or both, a newsletter can really boost your bottom line.

What Is A Newsletter?

A newsletter is essentially an email that is delivered to your customers on a regular basis. What makes it a newsletter and not a random email is that newsletters generally follow some sort of predetermined format.

This format often includes articles or teasers and links to articles and information found on the company website or blog. It may also contain advertisements if you’re an affiliate marketer or if advertising is one of your primary money makers. Finally, you may also include promotions, coupons, discounts and upcoming offers.

The bulk of your newsletter, about 80%, will be in the form of information about your industry or niche. Your newsletter’s goal is to provide value.

How Does a Newsletter Make Me Money?

We’ve already mentioned that you can sell advertising space in your newsletter. That’s definitely one way to make more money. However, the biggest benefit a newsletter provides any business is front of mind awareness.

Let’s face it, most of us forget things pretty darn quickly. A newsletter helps your customers and your prospects remember you. This is important because you want them to think of you when they have a need.

Also, a newsletter is a convenient way to motivate a purchase. Let’s say you sell information about yoga. You might have a bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to your opt-in list that offers a yoga pose of the week, a healthy recipe and a motivational quote. Pretty short and sweet. You might also promote your information product on how to choose the style of yoga that’s right for you. 

People become accustomed to receiving your newsletter and your information and they begin to trust you. You have established credibility with them and now they’re willing to make a purchase. 

Finally, a newsletter also increases your exposure. Do you ever share information you find online? You’ve probably shared videos and pictures online. You may have even shared articles, recipes, and tips. Newsletters are easy to share too – you simply forward them to a friend. Each time your newsletter is forwarded your business is placed in front of another potential prospect. 

Newsletters Are Easy To Put Together
What makes a newsletter such a great business building tool is the fact that they’re really easy to put together. There are many companies that offer newsletter management. This means that when people subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter the process is automated. These same services generally also offer a number of customizable newsletter templates. This makes it easy to upload your logo or header and brand your newsletter for your business. 

A simple newsletter like the one mentioned in our example above for the yoga website might take an hour maximum to create. You can also outsource the task to an assistant. 

When it comes to finding marketing tools and tactics that offer a great return on investment, you can’t go wrong with a newsletter. They boost awareness, exposure, and the potential for profit. Consider planning your company newsletter today.

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